Thursday, November 11, 2010

5 Months Old

Sam was 5 months old on November 2nd. Sorry it's taken a while to post this!

My little Sambo is a precious, laid back, smiley baby who loves loves loves his Mama. It's true what they say - the bond between a mom and her son is so special! I love having a little boy and I'm excited about the months/years to come. (His Daddy is also in love with him, of course.)

Sam is growing fast - he's a whopping 17 pounds and 26.5 inches long! He has a natural mohawk and still battles cradle cap. It looks like his hair will be a little lighter (Chad had blond hair when he was little). His eyes are the same color as his sister's, a glassy blue-green. He loves sucking his thumb and loves hearing his own voice. He has a pouty-lip face and a downright mad face and I'm a sucker for both of them. He has cheeks that are perfect for kissing and pinching and thighs that will make you want to eat him up. He wears size 3 diapers and is in 6-12 month clothing, depending on brand. He loves toys and books and watching football with his Daddy. He doesn't mind riding in the car or stroller. He sleeps in his crib 10-12 hours every night; he's sleeping on his sleep wedge and goes to sleep watching his crib aquarium and sucking his thumb. He usually naps twice a day, sometimes more if he's extra tired.

He is eating 4 times a day, taking 6 oz breastmilk at each feeding and then 1 jar of baby food at 2 of those feedings. He is loving him some baby food! I can't really tell his favorites because now he gobbles them up like a piglet. The baby food really seemed to help his spit-up issues and I'm glad we went that route instead of putting him on medication. I'm just a little wary of any kind of long-term medication for babies; so I'm glad the solid foods fixed the problem (for the most part!).

He has discovered his hands recently - he's sucked his thumb and reached for toys for a few weeks, but this month he started holding his hands in front of his face and just looking at them. It's pretty funny. He also loves reaching for his toes. He can turn over onto his side pretty well when he's on the floor but he hasn't rolled over yet. He's also stubborn about putting weight on his legs, something we'll probably check into at his 6-month appointment. He'll definitely kick and push off my hands if I hold his legs up to his chest, but as far as putting weight on them and standing, he's not doing too much of it. So he can't really get into an exersaucer yet or bounce in our johnny jumper too well. Gotta work on that leg strength, boy! You'd think with his ham-hock thighs he'd be able to do squats by now! I think he's just being a lazy baby. We'll see.

Well, that's everything I can think of at this point! So blessed to have a healthy, growing baby boy.

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