Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Pics, Sickness, Easy Kid Crafts


Yay for fall! I can't say it enough. I love everything about it and I feel like it always passes too quickly.
I bought my kids those matching punkin pajamas at the WalMarts for $5 a set. Pretty cute, huh? Now if only I could get both of them to smile at once!

One thing that doesn't pass too quickly around here is s.i.c.k.n.e.s.s. I guess it's just that time of year. Granted, like I said before, I'll take snotty noses/coughing/ear infections any day of the week over the croup. I have a sinus infection and am currently on antibiotics; Sam is super stuffy and not his usual self; Mary Ella has a runny nose but otherwise still feels fine. She's probably built up some immunities being at school... but the Sambo and I are unfortunately the recipients of her school germs, and though we take our vitamins and drink our OJ and eat our apples, we can't seem to keep the doctor away. Boo. But this too shall pass. In the mean time I'm getting extra snuggle time and snotty kisses from my sweet baby boy.

Other than that, we haven't been up to too much. Mary Ella is enjoying the cooler weather and we spend a lot of time out on the porch. The other day we made those old fashioned bird feeders out of pine cones. You know, the ones you all made in elementary school, where you spread the peanut butter all over the pine cone and then coat it with bird seed? Yes, those. She had fun and we've enjoyed watching the birdies peck away and nibble at and knock over our cones.


We've also seen a myriad of new creatures on our screen porch, including lizards, centipedes, and huge fat squirrels (that will literally JUMP off our 30 foot deck the minute Lucy catches them eating off our pine cones!) We also have a resident praying mantis who chooses to eat breakfast on the sunny part of the deck.


I've done some more spooky decorating.


(ghosts on the mantle are from Hobby Lobby; they came in a pack of about 15; I hung them with thread.)

We've also been spending a lot of time with these kiddos...


These are my friend Lindsey's kids: (top) Aniston (3yrs), Griffin (2yrs) and their baby sister Sara-Bentlee (2 months). They live a few houses down from us. Yes, Lindsey is a busy momma. When I think of how hectic and crazy my days seem, I think of Lindsey and how she has not one toddler, but TWO. Plus a newborn. And then I take a deep breath and go on with my chores and diaper changing. We've had a great time hanging out and it's really nice to have someone whose life somewhat resembles your own; someone you can vent to and laugh with and someone to keep you from going stir crazy!

They came over tonight before Chad got home and the kids were going nuts so I decided we'd do a craft to get them to calm down a bit. Lindsey brought over some pine cones at my request (we don't have any pine trees in our back yard) and we made some cute little owls out of them, with some felt and a candy corn for the nose. How cute are these! They were really proud of them.

Well, I hope everyone has a blessed rest-of-the-week. I'm off to Lysol my house for the 14th time today.


Ashley said...

Haley, I love these pictures!
I want a copy of Sam and Mary E in their Halloween get-up.
I love the pine cone crafts. Super awesome!

The Penter Family said...

They look so cute in their matching Halloween pajamas!

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