Saturday, October 23, 2010

Facebook & Blog Talk

Mary Ella walked into the kitchen the other night with a rather serious look on her face. Here's the conversation that followed:

MARY ELLA: "Mama... I said somethin."

ME: "Ok, Mary Ella... what did you say?"

MARY ELLA: "It was a accident."

ME: "Well, that's ok, but what you did say?"

MARY ELLA: (cups her hands over her mouth like she's going to tell a secret) "I said........ facebook." (Immediately runs out of the room like she's in big trouble.)

It was so funny I almost wet my pants.

Then today my mom, my sister, Mary Ella and I went to lunch at Rosie's in Florence. We were sitting there eating our chips and all of a sudden Mary Ella said:

"I'm gon' put this on my blog."

She ain't right.
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