Friday, October 1, 2010

Croup. Blah.

Last night was terrible.

Mary Ella didn't sleep a wink and neither did I. We spent the night going from my bed to the screened porch to the steamy shower, to the kitchen for Motrin, to the recliner, back to bed, etc. If your child has never had croup, please pray that he/she never gets it, because it can scare the living daylights out of you. There is nothing more terrifying than watching your child fight for air and be able to do nothing about it. The shower and cool air from the porch would help for about 45 minutes, then she'd wake up with another coughing fit and we'd restart the entire process; not to mention she was running fever after fever. This morning at 6am her temp was 104.4. We went outside and I held cold rags to her head to get her to cool down. When 8 o'clock rolled around I called Dr. A who gave us a 10:30am appointment and I am soooo glad that we went. She definitely has croup; Mary Ella received a Decadron injection, a racemic epinephrine breathing treatment (this is something they can only do in the clinic) as well as having a chest x-ray, strep test, bloodwork drawn and the routine check up. Bless her heart. Her x-ray was negative for pneumonia, she doesn't have strep, and her blood work only came back slightly elevated (her white count) so he gave us a prescription for antibiotics, but I'm waiting to fill it to see if she can kick this on her own (because croup is viral 90% of the time and I don't want to give her something that really won't help her and also deplete her good bacteria!) If she gets worse or starts coughing up green mucus I'll fill the prescription of course. In the mean time he recommended Delsym cough syrup at night and of course to keep doing what we're doing with the humidifier and fever reducers. And we'll use our breathing machine if we need to but none of our asthma-related meds ever do her any good; she has to have the "good stuff." Anyway, I am so glad we went and she seemed like she felt better afterwards. She's been asleep since about 3pm and I'm just letting her sleep because I know she didn't get much of it last night.

Sam's still feeling pretty good at this point and I'm thankful for the prayers! Keep 'em coming!


Stephanie @ Confessions of a Trophy Wife said...

Oy! Doesn't sound like a fun time :(

I'll keep you guys in my thoughts.

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