Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekend and This Week

We had a fun-filled labor day weekend, starting with the football game and ending with a visit from my parents. They came down Sunday morning after church and we all met at Jim & Nick's for lunch then came home and played with the kids. We ordered pizza Sunday night and Mom helped me make a list of things I needed to do around the house. Moms are always good with that kind of thing.

Speaking of other things Moms are good at, when we came home from the football game, I had an entire laundry room full of clean, folded laundry, thanks to Chad's mama ("MeMama"). I wish I had taken a picture of it! I have never really been taught how to fold different things the "correct" way (except for basic things like washcloths) and every article of clothing, every towel, every outfit, was folded with perfect creases and placed in perfect little stacks. (Chad is a great clothes-folder too, and now I know where he gets this from!) THANKS MEMAMA! WE LOVE YOU!

On Monday Mom and I took the kids and went to JoAnn and Ross and TJMaxx. I bought some things for Jamie's upcoming baby shower (I am hosting at my house). Then we came home and Mom helped me set up for the shower. It's not until this weekend but she knew I'd probably need help anyway and now it's just one thing off my list. We made some tissue paper pom-poms and a cute banner out of scrapbook paper. I will post shower pictures this weekend.

Yesterday was "Meet the Teacher" at Mary Ella's preschool (MDO). She has 2 teachers this year, Miss Jo and Miss Mallory, and they are so great. We were the first ones there so I got to talk to them about the basic routine, potty training, etc, before everyone else showed up. Mary Ella went right into the classroom and started playing with the toys, so I'm hoping this year won't be quite as traumatic. She has a lot of the same kids in her class so hopefully that will help. In the 2-year-old class they don't allow pacifiers so I'm glad we got that taken care of earlier. They also don't like them to walk around with blankets or sippy cups. It's kind of a "gotta grow up" environment and I like that for her age. They sit at actual tables and they do crafts, music, storytime, and even have "potty time" where all the kids who are potty trained line up, go to the potty, and they make a big deal out of it. I'm hoping she'll see what the other kids are doing and get motivated.

Last night I took Mary Ella up to the entrance of the neighborhood and snapped a few pictures of my goofy girl. She has not quite mastered the "natural smile" and actually prefers making faces rather than smiling, but I did get a few decent ones.


(No, I did not style her hair like this. This is called Alabama Humidity Afro. She had a bow in at first but she got too sweaty so we took it out.)


She's a ham.

And so is this little guy...


Stephanie @ Confessions of a Trophy Wife said...

Okay, that last shot of Mary Ella is too cute!

Also, I tagged you in a survey!

Amy said...

so cute! how do you have room to frame all these? because they are definitely frame worthy. you're gonna have to start hanging on the ceiling i guess.

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