Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time for Football

We took a trip down to Tuscaloosa yesterday with our friends Wes and Jackie. I love football season and I love the Crimson Tide, so the day was pretty much perfect for me. We left around lunch time even though the game didn't start until 6pm. We had some business to take care of first. Some eatin' business.


That's right. Dreamland Barbecue. If you've never been, you need to go! Preferably with an empty stomach.


This guy knows how to smoke 'em.


We feasted on ribs, mac and cheese, slaw, baked beans, and of course a big bowl of banana pudding.
This made us happy and full.


And ready for some football!
I think everyone would agree that there's just nothing like the tradition of some southern football - no matter what team you root for. I love walking around campus, people watching, hearing the band, looking at the merchandise, scoping out the new buildings on campus. It takes me back to my college days, and makes me wish I could do it all over again. This year was neat because the south end of Bryant Denny Stadium had received a pretty drastic makeover during the off season.


We walked around campus and I took about a thousand pictures.


As you walk around campus, you can't help but notice the various fashion trends among fans and students alike. Some of my favorites included:

1. Short skirts and boots. The more leg you can show, the better.

2. Colored pants with suspenders

3. The denim romper.

4. The checkered jumper.

5. Super cute dresses. (How about this look? Is she cute or what? Love that houndstooth bow!)

6. The boots/socks/camo look. And don't forget your donut cushion. (Although I have to admit, by the end of the game I was wishing I had a donut cushion too.)

7. And the notorious stilettos. This trend still baffles me.

8. Thankfully, I met some level headed sisters who chose flats instead... and they didn't have to sacrifice style at all! Love these sandals.

And I was also informed that after the game, Stiletto Girl was wearing this...

Ouch. Poor thing. Lesson learned.

After scoping out the trends, we headed to the Delta Zeta house to see our friend (and favorite babysitter) Mary Beth. She's a sophomore this year and she gave us a behind-the-scenes tour of sorority life.


She lives in the DZ house and her room's as cute as she is...



The room was saturated with scripture. Love it. So encouraging. Maybe she can prolong her college career so that she can be Mary Ella's roommate. :)


And her closet was of course saturated with the latest trends and fashions, which she was happy to show us.


Thanks, Mary Beth! You made us feel young again. And Mary Ella is proudly sporting her "DZ Loves Bama" sticker.

Soon it was time for the game, so we headed to the stadium and took our seats. It was such a beautiful night for football! Perfect weather.


We were hoping for a little more pre-game hype, since we're the national champions and all, but there was no fly-over and no fireworks. Boo Alabama. Oh well, I still got chills when they played some of the opening videos.


Here's our Heisman trophy winner, Mark Ingram. He didn't play because he has a knee injury.


And here are the resident texters who sat beside us, shooting game scores and "RTR's" to their friends back home.

Although it wasn't much of a game, we had a great time watching the Tide and I can't wait to go back!

action shot
group smile
band flag girl

We ended the night with a trip to Yogurt Mountain. Only in Tuscaloosa can you get houndstooth chips on your yogurt!

houndstooth chips

Hope everyone had fun rooting for your teams this weekend!


Courtney said...

So fun!! Awesome seats!

Melissa said...

we were there, too! And Addie went with us. I really need to blog again...I've gotten out of the habit bc I always did it at when it was taken from me...oh misery!
Anyways, we were in section was on the goal line close to the north end zone (the one that was not being constructed last year) on the east side of the stadium. Luckily, the people beside us didn't show up so we had a little more room for Addie to move around. She cheered and Roll Tide'd the whole game! I put pics and a video on my fb!
Glad y'all had fun! You look great! How'd you get off the baby weight?

We are BLESSED. said...

Hey Melissa - we were so close to you I think! We were on about the 15 yard line in the K section, 23 rows up! Sad we didn't see yall!

I haven't really done anything special, just breastfeeding, to get the weight off; I have about 5 more pounds to go until I'm at my pre-preggo weight and then I would love to lose about 10-15 more pounds! But I have not changed anything and haven't exercised like I should be (besides chasing a toddler and keeping up with my infant's crazy schedule!)

Anna Sue Moss said...

Hey girl! I love this post. You look so cute. I want to come back to Bham and go shopping with you and your sweet mom. Love you friend!

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