Thursday, September 30, 2010

Princess Party, Family, Friends, and Croup.

We got home from the Compound Monday morning and we've had an eventful week so far; in fact, tonight was our first evening spent at home! And thank goodness we were home, because Mary Ella has croup. If you remember, she had her first episode back in April and it was pretty scary for all of us. We ended up with a trip to the E.R; I'm hoping that won't happen this time and keeping my fingers crossed. I wish I could video her coughing; it is amazing to hear a croupy cough; sounds just like a seal. There is nothing human about that sound. Makes it easy to diagnose.

Anyway, on Monday night we went to Madalyn's Princess Party across the street! Madalyn is our neighbor, obviously, and she's a girly girl for sure. It's a good thing, because her mama is expecting TWIN boys in December! Her party was just as fun as we imagined it would be - nuggets, pizza, smarties, cupcakes, and a search for missing jewels - what could be better? All of the neighborhood girls came dressed in their princess attire and it was the sweetest thing!


Sam and Sara-Bentlee enjoying the party


On Tuesday she went to school and napped and then that night we went to visit with MeMama, Grandaddy and Ace. MeMama cooked the perfect fall supper - home made soup and a chicken casserole to go with it. Mary Ella played and counted Grandaddy's tomatoes and helped MeMama arrange the perfect little bouquet from her flowers outside. Sam was his usual laid back happy self until around 7:30, then became really fussy; I think it was a combination of gas + bed time. He was happy by the time we left though so that was good. We are loving the cool nights and Tuesday night was perfect!

Yesterday was a lazy day for us; I had zero energy for some reason and we mostly napped and read books all day. Last night we enjoyed dinner at Iguana Grill in Hoover with my high school friends Leslie and Lauren and their men (and Lauren's sweet baby Brooke). It was a much needed get together and so good to see them. Although we all live in Birmingham we rarely see each other because we live in 3 different parts of town and all of our schedules are crazy. At one point during dinner I was holding Brooke and Sam poked out his bottom lip and started to whimper! It was so cute. I said, "Oh Sam, are you mad that Mama has another baby?" And Mary Ella looked at me and goes, "I mad too, Mama." HA! She's a hoot. We had a great time and I look forward to seeing them this weekend (plus my other 3 high school BFFs) at Mary Beth's shower. Yay for friends.

Today Mary Ella woke up feeling hot; I checked her temp this morning and it was only 98.1 but she kept saying her back was hurting, and then she'd say her tummy was hurting, so I figured she might be aching a little and I gave her some Tylenol. Around 5pm tonight her temp was 100.9 so I gave her Motrin. Then the barking and the stridor started around 8pm. I got out the Vick's humidifier and put her to bed around 8:15pm and went to check on her around 9pm and she was hoarse and still barking a lot; so we went outside and sat in the cool air for a while. Now she's in my bed because she cried when I tried to lay her back in her room. And the last thing you want to do when your child has croup is to upset them. Crying makes their breathing a lot worse and will in turn freak you out because you'll think their airway is closing. It's seriously awful. So I chose to keep her as calm as possible. She's on my bed with her blanket, her juice and some Nick Jr. I hooked the humidifier up in there so I just hope she gets some good rest. Prayers would be much appreciated! For Mary Ella to get well, for Sam not to get sick, and for me to remember to GermX my hands in between handling each child! I'm ready for Chad to get home! Can't say that enough.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Roll Tide!
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