Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 3 Months to Sam

sam3months 2

Sam is 3 months old today - that's 1/4 of a year! Whew, it's flying by. He is such a sweet dumplin-cheeked baby and I love, love, love him, from his head down to his teeny toes. He is a mama's boy already and loves smiling and laughing at me, which always makes my day. He weighs somewhere around 14.5 pounds and is about inches long. Morning is his favorite time of day and he laughs and smiles a lot during the morning hours.

sam3months 3

He is starting to get into somewhat of a routine as far as naps go, usually taking one long morning and one long afternoon nap, and then of course he cat naps on and off throughout the other times. I remember Mary Ella sort of easing into more of a routine at this age too and I'm glad he seems to be doing the same. He is sleeping from about 8pm - 5am and then usually goes back to sleep after eating. We started putting rice cereal in his bottle about a month ago which made a huge difference in his sleep. Sometimes we even do half breastmilk, half formula, and rice cereal (this is what my friend J refers to as the "magical bedtime concoction - ha! - and it works!) His spitting up seems to be getting a little better although it's still pretty frequent. He seems to do a better when he drinks from a bottle instead of nursing but I still nurse most of the time; it's just easier that way. The only time he gets a bottle is when we're out of the house and at night before bed.
He discovered his little hands this month and tries to suck on them all the time... when he's hungry, the sucking turns to gnawing/inhaling/frantic chewing...

samhands 3m

He still doesn't care for being on his stomach (does ANY baby like tummy time?) but we try to incorporate this lovely activity anyway. If he's tired, he doesn't particularly care for listening to Mary Ella talk and he'll cry if he hears her voice. He's perfected the pouty lip and he knows just when to use it. He has a mohawk AND a mullet at this point and is bald everywhere else :)

We think he looks a lot like Chad's daddy...


He loves the aquarium in his crib and he cries if it happens to turn off while he's still awake. He still loves his changing table and it usually proves to be a cure-all for fussiness. He's a so-so fan of the paci but not anything like his sister was. I think he's pretty pumped about getting to watch his first Bama game this Saturday; we've been practicing his Roll Tide! Guess I need to get him some Bama gear at some point this week. He's also excited about his new friend that is going to be born next month and can't wait to hang out with him!

Happy 3 months to my sweet little Sam. I love you so much!

In other news, my 26-month old daughter has FINALLY relinquished her pacifier. Agh! I was hoping we'd get rid of it before she started MDO this fall and she did it! The transition was actually a lot easier than I thought it'd be. When we came home from my parents' house this last time, I just told her I'd given her pacis to the babies across the street. I was fully expecting her to have a meltdown and was also fully prepared to give them back at the first sign of hysteria. At nap time I encouraged her by talking in a big, overly-assuring voice, saying, "I'm soooo proud of you, because you're a big girl, and you don't need a paci, just a blanket! Yay!!!" and for the next few days at nap time her little eyes would well up with tears and she'd say, "I not need paci, juuuuusssst a blankie..." bless her heart! It was like she was trying to reassure herself. But she hasn't once asked for it or cried about it so I'm really proud of her. Now if we could get this potty training thing down, we'd be good to go. Any pointers on that would be greatly appreciated. She just doesn't seem interested at this point and pretty much cries when we sit her on the toilet, so we may try again after Christmas.




Kayla said...

We got started potty training with number 2 lol:) I could always tell when he was going to go because he would hide. Well I started watching for it and when he was hiding in the bathroom one day I talked him into sittin on there and when he went we made a HUGE deal over it! We even took a picture of it at his request and he still looks at it sometimes when he needs to go for inspiration I gues hahaha. After that he got more and more interested until he just decided one weekend that he was done with diapers period. He won't even wear them at night now. And remakably we have only had two night time accidents. So maybe this helps or maybe we just got lucky on this one:)

The Penter Family said...

They are potty training in Colton's MDO class. I'm letting him get used to it there and then I'll start training him at home too. I'm NO expert... but maybe that will help some. I'm sure being in MDO 2 days a week will help M.E. potty train... they always want to do what they see the other kids doing!

julianne butler said...

Oh, Haley! He's just scrumptious. I'm so glad you're enjoying him. Boys are pretty fun, huh? Thanks for the update. Love you guys!

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