Saturday, August 14, 2010

Packing, Climbing, Dumping, and Losing Stuff

I am behind on blogging again but thankfully I don't have too much to report! We've had a low key week and I just woke up to a perfect Saturday morning thunderstorm. It's almost 11am and everyone is still in bed! The only thing that'd make this better is if Krispy Kreme had a delivery service! Ha... kidding... kind of.

We finally got our house on the market and I've been doing a little packing here and there. It's amazing how much stuff I have in my kitchen that I DON'T use. I have 2 HUGE boxes full of kitchenware - random small appliances, platters, baking sheets, etc - that have literally not been used since we moved here. Who needs 5 ice cream scoops? Not me. (Hard to believe, I know.) I basically just boxed up everything I knew I wouldn't need in the next whoknowshowlong. Baking sheets, tupperware bowls, mixing bowls, wooden spoons... I left myself 1 or 2 of each and the rest is boxed and ready to move. Now if someone would just buy our house.

Mary Ella has entered into a new phase. I call it the climbing and dumping phase. She climbs onto EVERYTHING. Sam's changing table. Our night stands. The commode. Sam's crib. Her play kitchen. The kichen counters. The washer and dryer. Everything. She has this little table from Ikea and some cute little stools that came with it, and she's realized that these stools are small enough to be transported to any room in the house to aid her in her climbing ventures. So whenever she thinks she needs to get on top of a piece of furniture, she just grabs her stool and away she goes. It wouldn't be such a problem if she could actually climb back down. But she can't, for some reason. She'll be hanging from my night stand, her little feet a mere 5 inches from the floor, calling, "Maaammmaa! Helllp!" and I'll have to drop everything and go rescue the little daredevil. We've caught her 3 times on top of Sam's changing table. Once she gets to the top, she goes into the "dumping" part of this terrible phase, where she takes everything within reach and throws it to the floor. Or dumps it out. In our case, it was baby powder. All. over. everything. Seriously.

drawer climber 1

I am hoping she grows out of this soon.

(Ironically she has not tried to crawl out of her crib yet. And I am willing to let her sleep in that crib until she is 5 years old if she can't get out of it.)

Sam is sleeeeeping! We started putting rice in his bedtime bottle around 7:30pm and he goes to sleep around 8pm and doesn't wake up until 4:30-5:00!! It's been the best thing ever. I count that as sleeping through the night, people. It counts. I feed him when he wakes up and then he goes back to sleep until 7:30 or 8am so I cannot complain. Mary Ella did not sleep like this until she was 4 months old so I just hope it continues. He is getting to be a chunky little thing too. I love me some baby rolls.

My beautiful sister got engaged Thursday night! She and her fiancee Chris are coming down today for a visit. I think we're gonna take them to Chuy's!

aunt betsy

I'm excited to see her bling. Because right now, I don't have any bling of my own. That's the thing about toddlers and climbing. The other day I was bathing Mary Ella and Sam and my ring kept scratching Sam when I'd reach under his rolls to bathe him. So I stood up, took my rings off and put them on the bathroom vanity. I finished bathing both kids, got them out, dried them off, put on their diapers, their clothes, brushed hair, brushed M.E.'s teeth, etc... and by that time I had forgotten about my rings. Stupid, I know. Well, later in the day I remembered I'd taken them off, so I went back in there to get them, and they're GONE. As in, nowhere. We've torn up our house looking for them. We've looked in the drains, the toilets, the vents, the piggy banks, the drawers, the toys. Everywhere. I am totally bummed about this and I am just praying they turn up when we start packing. (And I would not be upset if you decided to pray for their reappearance as well! I feel so guilty praying for something like this, and I wouldn't do it if they weren't my wedding rings. There's some sentimental value there, people.) Anyway, I am hoping they turn up, and if they don't, they don't. Lesson learned, either way.

Well, that's about it, people. Happy weekend to all.


The Penter Family said...

Wonder if Mary Ella knows where those rings are??? Hope you find them soon...

Colton has a stool and he does the EXACT same thing with it... carries it wherever he wants to go and climbs on tables!

I am WITH you on the crib thing. Lots of Colton's friends are converting to toddler beds right now. If feel like he should be too... but until he figures out how to climb out I want to keep him in there. I can't imagine nap time without a crib! He might be in there till he is 13 if he still hasn't figured out how to escape Ha!

jj said...

Hey Haley! I have "misplaced" one of my rings twice and it leaves you with the feeling like someone punched you in the stomach. Of course it is not about their monetary value but about the sentimental value! I think it is okay to pray to find them! :) Btw, both times mine ended up in a trash can and don't know how. It was a miracle we found them before being taken to the road. So sorry...

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