Tuesday, July 13, 2010

M.E.'s Birthday Part II: Candy Party at the Compound

Mary Ella's candy-themed birthday party was a huge success, thanks to my wonderful mother who pretty much did everything! In fact, she helped me pull off not one but TWO candy parties for the little diva, one at her house on July 3rd (for the Compound side of the family) and another one at my house this past weekend! Both parties were so much fun and it was great to see so many of our friends and enjoy some sweet treats together!

candy buffet 2
marshie pops

Treat Boxes (Everyone left with a box filled with candy of their choice) These boxes are from WalMart, the labels are from Mom's computer.

Candy-themed fondant cake (Made by my 13-year-old cousin Annsley! She even made the fondant herself.)

Beautiful Annsley a.k.a. Cake Boss

She thoroughly enjoyed opening her gifts.
opening presents

Aunt Betsy gave her her first Miss Potato Head
potato head

And she received plenty baby dolls, diaper bags and other accessories. Oh, and Mom even appliqued this outfit for her to go with the candy theme...
little mama 3

present mess

Sam was an angel throughout the party; I think he prefers to sleep when he's in a crowded room. He slept through both birthday parties. Here he is with cousin Ann Marie.
ann marie

I didn't get many pictures of her birthday party at our house here in Birmingham, but I'll try to post them tomorrow. Good night!


Brooklyn said...

Cute Birthday Party! I love the theme and the cake is adorable! I can't believe a 13 year old made it, she is very talented!

Courtney said...

so fun! that's what i was going to do for clayton's birthday! looked awesome!

Kristy said...

so cute! I love her matching outfit to go with the theme!

Ben said...

Oh my gosh!!! How awesome! She looked so adorable in her candy outfit! Your mom did a great job! I am so impressed with the cake!

Ben said...

This is actually Katie.

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