Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mary Ella's Birthday: Part I

Mary Ella turned two on Friday and we celebrated all day long, beginning with a harmonized "Happy Birthday to You" from Mommy and Daddy at her crib, and ending with chocolate cake and candles. She was a good girl all day long and enjoyed being the center of attention.

Sam was with us the entire day and although he looked a little bored, he didn't make a peep the entire day!

We started our day at the Ranch House in Vestavia, thinking we'd indulge in some pancakes. Unfortunately we got there right at 11am which is when they happen to quit serving breakfast; we thought leaving would be rude, so we stayed and enjoyed a country vegetable lunch. Not what I had in mind, but Mary Ella gobbled up her mac and cheese and fried okra.

Next we headed to the mall and we decided we'd let Mary Ella have her first Build-a-Bear experience. She was a little timid at first but overall she enjoyed herself and by the end of the journey through the store, she was talking to all the employees and showing off her new friend, whom she has named "Soccer Dog." (I did try to get her to pick a cute doggie name, but she wasn't having it.) This World Cup madness has been on our TV constantly for the past 3 weeks so she now knows what soccer is and she saw the soccer outfit right away and decided it was meant to be worn by her scraggly puppy dog.

We tried out the carousel again this year and she was even more fearful than she was last year. She would NOT sit on any of the animals. Chad finally got her to sit with him on the little bench seat, but she was still unsure about it; her face says it all...

Funny, this is a picture from last year...

After our mid-morning mall run we came home and everyone took loooonng naps. When Mary Ella woke up we let her open her gift - these pictures are a little out of focus but here is her reaction... (please excuse the bed-head)
This is a Dora Lil Quad Four Wheeler; it's made by Fisher Price and is a Power Wheels toy but it is for 12-36 month olds so it's just her size. After a few head-on collisions with the living room walls we decided to take it outside and let her test drive a bit. She loves it and calls it her "Dora Car."

We ended the evening with dinner and a HUGE piece of chocolate ganache cake, given to us by the gracious owner of The Ranch House when she found out we were celebrating a birthday. Mary Ella blew out her candles and somehow I captured what is possibly the best picture ever. I knew her eyeballs were big, but my oh my.

The celebrations have only just begun! More to come!


Sevenbread said...

These pictures are amazing! You have managed to capture the true spirit of your beautiful baby girl! I couldn't help but smile the entire time, her facial expressions are priceless. That last photo you should send in to a magazine or something! Love it!! I'm glad Mary Ella had such a fabulous birthday! What an animated little girl. A true true blessing

Emily said...

that is the sweetest post! I love the last picture!!!! A keeper for sure! Your kids are adorable!

The Penter Family said...

That last picture is the best ever. You should send it to Hallmark and let them use it on a funny birthday card!

McKinney Madness said...

That last picture is absolutely PRICELESS. You should have it framed somewhere in your house, and look at it every time you're having a bad day!!

Courtney said...

Oh my gosh! These pictures are great!! LOVE her expressions!!! Priceless!

Kayla said...

funniest picture I have ever seen! Love it!

Rian said...

I'm pretty sure you have the cutest baby girl on the planet. Her pictures crack me up every time. Her facial expressions are priceless!

Stephanie @ Confessions of a Trophy Wife said...

Love the pics! The ones of her unwrapping her gift and the last one with the cake are just presh!

Amy said...

oh my goodness- that pictures is amazing! i know i say this all the time, but please, in the name of lucretia- SEND IT IN to a contest! i'll take half the winnings. also, make sure she doesn't take off on that 4-wheeler naked like her aunt boodle!

Jenny Fine said...

Golly, I love your child.
see you soon, fud.

Stacey said...

I just came across your blog. Your kids are so adorable. It looks like she had a great birthday!

Melissa said...

too cute!
Addie absolutely LOVES the fact, it's a fight to get her off! Isn't it funny what some kids are scared of and others think is fun?
Addie has the Dora 4-wheeler, too. She doesn't quite get the concept of turning. Has ME figured that one out? Addie runs into all sorts of things...trees, curbs, cars, etc.

Anna Sue Moss said...

Every time I see that picture of her at the end I think of that picture of you on the OR table before you had Sam. Amazing.

Shelley said...

Haley, your pictures are AWESOME!! Of course the last one is great, but I love her face when she is opening her Dora car! How cute! I am going to need some photography lessons from you. :)

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