Friday, June 4, 2010

Sam's Story

I'll try to make this quick, although I can't make any promises, seeing as how I am completely smitten with this little fellow. And you would be, too, if you could cuddle up with these sweet cheeks every night...
sam hat 2

Wednesday was such a wonderful day. I woke up at 5:30 am and I was a bundle of nerves. I took a hot bath at home and then went back to bed and slept from around 6-8am. Then I got up, showered (again) and finished all my last minute primping and packing. Mom was feeding Mary Ella breakfast right before we left; we told her we would see her at the hospital and she gave the thumbs up!
thumbs up

We drove to St. Vincent's and arrived a little late but they got me checked in pretty fast, and within 10 minutes of being there I was put into a hospital gown, given an IV, signing all kinds of consent forms, and having my little boy monitored. I was having some decent contractions when I got there and my nurse, Pam, said this was such a good sign because it proved my body was indeed ready for labor! Things seemed to go a lot faster this time and at 11:40 we walked to the operating room and I received my spinal epidural. The nurses and anesthesia team in the operating room were absolutely fantastic and the whole time I was in there, I felt like I was in a room with people I'd known for years. We were all laughing and cutting up and everyone was guessing what baby Sam would weigh! I had guessed 9 pounds even. Dr. Hudson guessed 8 pounds, 14 ounces, and was confident that he'd win the contest, since he'd guessed Mary Ella's weight dead-on two years ago. Chad was able to video the entire operation and I just laid there on the table and talked with everyone and tried to fight my nervousness by being silly.
crazy mama

At 12:15pm Samuel Ellis Morgan was born and everyone in the operating room told him Happy Birthday and loved on him while suctioning out his little airways and cleaning him off. I heard him cry right away and he was a little gurgly with all that fluid but eventually he turned pink and started getting louder. When they brought him over to me I couldn't believe how small he looked compared to Mary Ella! She was a butterball turkey at 9 pounds, 8 ounces, and she was born an entire week earlier than Sam. They weighed him and he was 8 pounds, 2 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. Chad and I were like, "Wow! He's TINY!" and everyone was laughing because an 8-pounder is not typically considered a small baby, but to us he was and is itty bitty.
proud family 2

They let me hold baby Sam as they rolled us back to our room and we passed the waiting room and got to wave at the family. I was pretty emotional and just overwhelmed with joy. We did his first bath in the room and Mary Ella was able to watch and help a little bit which was fun and sweet for her. She didn't really know what to think; just kept staring at him and watching what the nurse was doing. I don't think it will really hit her until we get home; we have visited so many babies and had so many babies visit us at home, that I think she may not yet realize that this one is not just a visitor or visitee; this one is OURS! For good! So we'll see how she adjusts once we go home.

Then she went to get her grandparents so that they could see her little brother. Here she is dragging MeMama and Mimi down the hallway, with Grandaddy and Poppa following close behind.

They just oooh'd and ahhh'd until they were given the go-ahead, then they fought over who could hold him first. No, not really. They behaved and took turns.

Sam is wonderful in every way. I look at him and see his sweet Daddy - he is calm and content and very laid back. He seems to only cry when he is cold and he is a deep sleeper; difficult to wake up! I've changed many a diaper and outfit for the sole purpose of getting him to wake up to eat! But he's nursing like a champ and tonight he's already had 2 hour-long sessions! I love this sweet time with him and I am trying to do my best to share him with all our visitors, although I'll admit it is difficult! He is just so precious and cuddly and soft. I love him and I want to cherish these first sweet days with him. We are headed home tomorrow morning.

I want to say thank you to everyone for their sweet prayers, and believe me, I have felt each and every one of them. My experience this time has been a complete breeze compared to last time, and I attribute that to lots of prayer warriors and my exceptional nurses, who have offered me wonderful instructions and pain prevention tips which have helped tremendously. Wish I'd had some of these nurses on my last go 'round! I was able to shower by myself and get up and walk by myself and my pain has been controlled well by the medications. I am so thankful for that because as you know, I was extremely anxious and worried about the pain.

I will leave you with some more sweet pictures of Sam... and a video of his first bout with hiccups.
sweet hands
sweet eyes



Kristin said...

Oh he is so sweet I bet evry one is so happy. Im glad everything went perfect for you and you look wonderful after baby sam was born.

mummi said...

Congratulations! I had 3 nine pounders so I know what you mean about him looking tiny. He is beautiful and I'm so happy for you. (BTW How in the world can you look so put together after having a baby???)

Kristy said...

Sweet story! So glad you are home and safe and sound as a precious family of 4. I commented on the hat picture on your facebook, but, man, it is just the cutest... Congratulations!

Kala said...

Congratulations! He is absolutely precious! As a mommy to 3 boys I know exactly what you mean when you said there's something different about having a boy and a girl. I'll tell you from lots of experience, little boys LOVE their mamas, but don't get me wrong they love daddy too but there's something different about a mother and son. Enjoy holding him every minute you can, remember the housework can always wait. :)

McKinney Madness said...

Oh my word! I just got through looking at all your pics and Sam is unbelievably cute!!! You are blessed with two adorable little ones, and I can't wait until I can actually see him in person! I may have to come over when Amy does so I can lay my eyes on this beautiful baby!!! CONGRATS!!

PS- Where did you get that cute hat that says "Sam" on it? I must order one for ours!! : )

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