Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quick Update

Did I mention that I have a precious little boy? I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something wonderfully different about having a little boy. I am completely and totally enamored with him and can't quit kissing his cheeks and his double chin and his tiny feet. He is just so sweet. He cries about once a day, must be woken up at night to remind him that he is indeed hungry, and he spends most of his time being held by his Momma, because like I said, I can't put him down! When he is awake, I talk to him and if I try to move him where he can't see me, he will just stretch that little neck around and try to find me with his eyes... ohhhh I love it.

We are all doing well. I am very sore from the surgery but have managed to get some things put away and organize his room. Mary Ella is coming around; at first she was a little shell shocked and didn't really offer her affections without being asked to; but today she has been warming up to him - kissing him, patting him, offering him toys, and then tonight when I sat him up to burp him, she goes "Hey there, big boy!" It was so sweet! She does call him "Elon" 90% of the time and can't quite understand that this is not Elon, this is Sam, but we're working on it! I even called him Elon last night - ha!

Today we just hung out at home. Chad and Mary Ella went to Publix and bought groceries and I tried my best to resist the urge to hold this cuddle bug all day so that I could put some things away and get his nursery organized. He is nursing every 3 hours and being kissed every 3 seconds, a healthy balance if you ask me! I haven't taken any pictures with my Canon since I've been home but I plan to do that at some point this week! Tomorrow we go to the pediatrician for our newborn checkup.

I love my Sam.
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