Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shower for Baby Sam

Today my sweet friends showered me with gifts for little baby Sam. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family, and it was so special for me to be surrounded by all of the women I love while celebrating this new little boy.

These are my lovely hostesses. Coincidentally, today also marks the 3-year anniversary that I met each of these girls. We met in 2007 in a Tuesday night newlyweds Bible study, and we've been friends and prayer partners ever since. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have these ladies in my life, and I am grateful for what each of them brings to His kingdom. Love you girls!
hostesses bw
(From left to right: Lea, Jamie, me, Wendy, Courtney, Laura, Shelley)

Everything was perfect! The food (brunch - my favorite!) was delicious, and I would expect no less from these ladies.
food table

The games were hilarious and fun. First, we had a list of celebrity baby names (Harlow Winter Kate, Bronx Mowgli, Bluebell Madonna, etc) and we had to write down both the mother and father; for each correct match we got a point. I do have a subscription to People magazine, however, I did not win. Did you know that Sylvester Stallone has a son named Sage Moonblood? And did you know that Jermaine Jackson's kid is named Jermajesty??? SERIOUSLY, people.
The second game was called "Name that Poo." There were 6 baby diapers and each one was filled with a melted candy bar, so it looked like baby poop. The challenge was to name which candy bar had been melted into the diaper; we had to smell each of them and then write down what we thought it was. It was so funny watching everyone sniffing diapers. I didn't do too well on this game either, although I did get the Reese's diaper at first sniff. Go figure.
name that poo

I was given so many sweet gifts and I love all of them! I thought you were only supposed to "sprinkle" your second child but I was seriously showered! I am so grateful to everyone.
gifts wrapped up
sam onesie
sam gifts

Here is a belly shot that Amy B took while I wasn't paying attention.

And here are a few shots of some of my favorite ladies...
manda amy 2
My aunt Amanda and friend Amy B

morgan gals 2
My sister-in-law Keri Lynn and Chad's mama, Debbie

betsy and elon
Betsy and baby Elon

The only sad thing about my day was that Mary Ella couldn't come to the shower; she is still pretty sick and hasn't been able to keep her fever at bay. She has no other symptoms, which I'm grateful for (fighting a fever is bad enough; I'd hate for her to have this plus congestion or stomach issues!) but she is still fighting this virus. Last night she topped off at 100.2 but this afternoon she was back up to 103.5. We have been told to come back to the pediatrician's office Monday if this is still going on tomorrow night. Her Daddy has been so sweet today and gave up his off day to stay with her. We gave her Motrin around 5pm and he laid down with her in our bed, thinking she'd go right to sleep; and after 2 episodes of Barney, 1 episode of Wonder Pets, and 1 episode of Olivia, she finally drifted off, and she's been this way ever since. This is how I found them a few minutes ago...
sick babyPlease say a prayer for my little girl, if you get a minute! She is such a trooper and is trying her best to feel good when she's awake, but fevers are just no fun! We're going to take it easy tomorrow and give her lots of fluids and rest in hope that she will recover.

Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!


Kristy said...

What fun! Cute pregnant tummy too! Prayers for your little trooper. Fever viruses are NO fun!

McKinney Madness said...

You look absolutely gorgeous to be 5 weeks away from baby Sam being here! So glad you had a good time at your shower yesterday, and I'll make sure to be praying for sweet Mary Ella as well!

{Amanda} said...

Hey sweet girl, so glad you had such a lovely Shower! And glad you're not sick too- this "fever virus" is just the oddest thing too...

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