Monday, May 10, 2010

Nothing new to report, just checking in to say I hope all you mommies and mommies-to-be out there had a very happy Mother's Day yesterday! I know I did; it was nice just to be with family and relax and enjoy these cooler temperatures.

We had a pretty relaxing weekend. I worked on Saturday morning and then met up with Chad, Mary Ella and our small group for a cookout over in the East Lake area. Miss Erma Jean deserves a special Mother's Day shout-out; she is a precious lady who takes care of 10 children, none of whom are hers. We ate hot dogs and played with the kids and Mary Ella had a blast "chalking" on the sidewalk and playing with the toys; she was ready for a long nap when we got back.

We've also been practicing a little...
big sissy 6

... and catching up on some reading. My aunts bought me a miniature Eric Carle book collection for Baby Sam, and Mary Ella is all about reading them. Her favorites are "Pancakes, Pancakes" and "Papa, Get the Moon for Me."
big sissy reads

I've even been doing a little reading myself. I finished this one in a WEEK! I highly recommend it. Kathryn Stockett, the author, grew up in the south and went to the University of Alabama, and the book takes place in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960's. It's a great read!

I have my 36-week appointment this afternoon and I'll get another ultrasound as well as a non-stress test; should be a long afternoon. Hopefully he's still healthy and not gaining too much weight! I am really starting to feel more uncomfortable now; just bending over and walking around the house makes me so out of breath! We've been walking around 7pm every night for about 45 minutes and I swear I feel like I'm carrying a bowling ball between my legs. He's HEAVY! And I've pretty much only gained weight in my stomach area, which makes him seem even heavier. 30 pounds is a LOT of stomach. But it'll be worth it! 3 weeks and 2 days!


Jamie Grizzle said...

I LOVED that book. I actually met Kathryn Stockett around Christmas time at a Birmingham Literacy Council dinner. She is supposed to be writing another book but it is not due out for another year or so. I am glad you liked it!

The Penter Family said...

I read that book also... Jamie introduced it to me. GREAT book.

The Penter Family said...

I read that book also... Jamie introduced it to me. GREAT book.

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