Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mary Ella at 22 Months

I figure I better do at least one more monthly update before my little one becomes my "big one." Today marks Mary Ella's 22 month birthday! We're almost at the 2-year mark and I say it every time, but I can't believe how fast it's flown by! Especially now that I'm back to washing baby clothes and folding tiny little gowns; seems like only yesterday I was doing this for her.

My mom always told me that this would be my favorite age - the few months before they turn two - and I think she is right. It's hilarious to hear what comes out of her mouth and every day there is something new that makes me laugh hysterically.

Some things I want to remember about her at this age:
-A few months ago I thought it'd be funny for her to say "Obama" when asked who the president was. Well, she learned that one pretty quickly and now the word "Obama" has turned into one of her adjectives of choice when things are going her way. Like, if she gets a cookie, she'll say, "Awesome! Perfect! OBAMA!" It is absolutely hilarious.
-She has learned to make her "serious" face and will do this to get a laugh out of anyone.
-Her daddy's birthday was last month and in trying to teach her the Happy Birthday To You song, she somehow got mixed up and now sings, "Happy Daddy to _____ " (fill in the blank.) Her latest is "Happy Daddy to Keh-lynn" (my sister in law, whose birthday was a couple weeks ago.) She loves singing Happy Daddy To You. So if your birthday is coming up, let us know and we'll make you a special video shoutout.
-She loves, loves, loves to sing. Favorite songs are ABC's, I Love You (Barney), Wheels on the Bus, "Rosies" (ring around the rosies), Twinkle Twinkle, and a song we made up called "You Gotta Be Patient if you Want a Popsicle."
-Her ABC's go something like this: "A-B-C-D-E-F-G.... H-I-ANNA-ELLALALA-P....Q-R-S... T-WOO-V...DUH-DUH-WOO-X...Y and Z..." and then she repeats it but forgets to end the song and keeps going and going and going like a broken record. I love it though.
-When she is ready for a nap, she'll tell you. She says "Banky-paci, banky-paci" over and over until you go and put her in her bed with her blankie and her paci. She doesn't get her paci during the day unless she is sick or something. But when she gets tired you better believe she wants that thing. I'm accepting advice on how to get rid of it all together, although I think I'm willing to wait awhile since I'm about to have a newborn.
-She is an excellent sleeper; on non-school days she usually sleeps until at least 9:30, sometimes later. She's also an excellent napper and still takes 3 hour afternoon naps every day. (I know, I'm due for a child that will neither nap OR sleep. I'm preparing myself for that.)
-She loves candy. Any kind. At the mall, she hugs the gumball machines. In the checkout aisle at the grocery store, I can barely keep her in the buggy because she is constantly trying to swipe a box of Tic Tacs or a bag of M&Ms. Her birthday party this year is going to be a candy-themed party.
-She calls herself "Ella" and sometimes "E-Ella." The "Mary" just hasn't quite caught on yet, even though we've never called her just plain Ella. She'll say "Ella do it" or "Ella feed Lucy" or "Ella be right back." It's really cute.
-She has an unbelievable ability to remember things. Whenever we drive into a parking deck she immediately says "Fish... Addie Jane... shark... yay!" because one of the only times we've been in a parking deck, we were going to the Georgia Aquarium or to the McWane Center aquarium. She can also remember where people were sitting when they ate dinner. Chad's parents and grandfather Ace ate dinner with us about 2 months ago and we ate in the dining room; the other day she went into the dining room and walked around to all of the seats and pointed to them and said, "Grandaddy... MeMama... Ace... Daddy... Mama..." and pointed to the exact places we were sitting when we ate dinner. (We haven't eaten in our dining room since then so I guess that's the last thing she remembers.) But she recited their seating positions dead-on. She did this again 2 weekends ago after my grandparents' fish fry. Chad, Betsy, Chris and myself were sitting at a 4-person table outside at the fish fry; Mary Ella sat in my lap. The next day when we walked over to my grandparent's house she went around the table and pointed to each chair and said, "Betsy... Chris... Daddy... Mama-Ella..." Crazy! But it's really funny to me that she has that ability.
-She can count to ten but prefers to stop at 8.
-She sometimes has an opinion on what she wears, mostly when it comes to shoes. She loves her crocs and her "fee-fops" (flip flops) and if she sees her froggie rain boots (which I keep hidden in her closet) she demands that those be put on her feet immediately. She doesn't mind hairbows or me fixing her hair and she can wear pigtails now which I love.
-When she hears the garage door open in the evenings she immediately screams "DADDY HOME!!!" and runs to the top of the stairs to wait on him. In fact, if he leaves the room for 5 minutes then comes back, she also screams "DADDY HOME!" Long-term memory is good. Short-term may need some work. :) Haha.
-She loves to color and use sidewalk chalk. Our walls are filled with some of her artwork. Some of that artwork made it onto paper. Most did not and will require a Mr. Clean magic eraser in the near future.
-She knows the names of the colors, but when you ask her what color something is she never gets it right. But she loves to guess. Her favorite color to guess is "pink-a-lellow" or pink and yellow. This guess is usually followed by "ahhrnge," (orange) then green then puh-ple.
-When she wants something she'll ask for it then immediately say "Ok, we will" like she is giving herself permission. For instance, one day we were at my aunt's house and she spotted the little Fisher Price easel/art desk and she said, "Ella color? Draw? Paper? Ok, we will." And proceeded to take her seat as the artist.
-She tells me when she needs to do #2 but has regressed when it comes to actually going on the potty. I was hoping to get this whole potty training thing down before Sam gets here but she is being pretty resistant, which I've read is just another sign that she isn't quite ready. Plus it takes so much time and patience! I'd let her run around in big girl panties or no panties at all if I didn't have 8 loads of laundry to do and a sink full of dishes to wash and a huge fat belly; I can't follow her around constantly and make sure she doesn't have an accident on the carpet. So we're just going to wait a bit longer I think. Any tips on this are appreciated.

Ok, now some of her favorites:
-FOODS: waffles, eggs, nuggets, french fries, apples, bananas, green beans, mac and cheese, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, chocolate milk, goldfish, tacos, chips and cheese dip, CANDY, donuts, anything sweet
-BOOKS: "Where is the Green Sheep?" by Mem Fox; she loves this one and requests it every night before bed. She also loves "Llama Llama Red Pajama" and anything that requires her to count.
-CHARACTERS: Elmo, Barney, Baby Bop, Dora, Boots, Swiper, Grover, Winnie the Pooh, those YoGabbaGabba things
-ACTIVITIES: Going to the park, pushing her stroller, riding her "bicycle," playing in her pool or with her water table outside, playing ball with Lucy, playing kitchen/babies, walking to Jamie's house, feeding Lucy, watering the flowers, playing with the neighborhood kids, helping me cook/bake, and visiting all of her grandparents
-THINGS TO TALK ABOUT: Baby Sam, Baby Elon, the kids in her class at school and "Miss Wenny," naming all the people in our family, naming all the dogs on the Compound

I love this age and I look forward to seeing Mary Ella become a big sister in a month.


Anna Sue Moss said...

I love it! I can't wait to visit...she has changed so much since I left. Love you!

The Penter Family said...

Oh my gosh! Colton does the same thing by giving himself permission to do things...He says OKAY! Funny how much they have grown SO FAST. I feel like it was few months ago that you were e-mailing me tips on what to pack for my hospital visit and now they are both almost TWO! We need to get together SOON!

{Amanda} said...

Ohhh Ella loves Obama ;)

That is the funniest thing that she gets so excited and says "Obama". Crazy girl! Oh & I can hardly believe she's going to be a big sister in the next month!

The Perkins Family said...

I love reading your blog! Mary Ella is going to be fabulous big sister. I wasn't in any hurry to take Max's paci away from here him unitl the baby arrived. When we came home from the hospital he gave his paci to his baby brother. Good luck with Baby Sam, its sooo much fun with 2 epscially as close in age as they are. :) I'm sure Mary Ella will be a big help!

Melissa said...

So fun!
Addie is 16.5 months now. is so fun! I mean, every single day we are laughing so hard at the stuff she says and does!
What about "No!" does Mary Ella say that a lot? Addie just started this about 2 weeks ago...about everything! Even if she really means yes!

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