Thursday, May 20, 2010

Flying By

This week has FLOWN by! I swear, pregnancy is crazy. Ten months is a long time, and it tends to feel like it goes by slowly. Then you get to the last 2 weeks and the days are flying out the window before you can even process what to do with them. That's where I am, anyway. I have only 12 days left. That's not a long time. And I have a laundry list of things to do. Which I am going to record on my blog so that I will forever remember them and that by the time Sam gets here maybe, just maybe, they will all be checked off the list. Here goes...

For Sam/Sam's Room:
1. Hang curtain rod.
2. Hang curtains on rod.
3. Transfer wipe warmer from M.E.'s room to his.
4. Get another Diaper Genie. (Ugh... do I really need to do this? I might hold off and just use hers instead. Newborn poop doesn't smell nearly as bad as toddler poop, anyway.)
5. Get his diaper bag from Mimi. (Mom, hurry up! We can't wait to see it.) :)
6. Pack his diaper bag.
7. Make a list of things I want to be sure I swipe from the hospital. Yeah, I said it. (#1 on the list being the nasal aspirators. There are NONE like the hospital ones. NONE.)
8. Go ahead and install the car seat/car seat base. Might as well.

Things I Still Need:
1. Boy towels, for bath time. (All I have are pink.)
2. A second contour changing pad, for the bathroom.
3. A couple more receiving blankets. Ross, here I come.
4. Some comfy post-c-section nursing tank tops.
5. Extra car seat base for Chad's car.

Random Stuff:
1. Take junk pile to the dumpster/Hannah Home.
2. Bring Pack n Play to our room.
3. Get bassinet down from attic and put it somewhere.
4. Install a door on the screen porch.
5. Get Mary Ella's birth videos transferred to DVD so that we can reminisce before having little Sambo.
6. Borrow someone's little video camera, preferably one that records to an SD card, so that we can record videos at the hospital. (My camera does take video but I want to reserve it for photos only since that's gonna be my only way of taking pictures.) Our video camera no longer works. Anyone have a FLIP or something similar we could borrow for the day?!?
7. Finish planning Mary Ella's 2nd birthday party. Wham. I get tired just thinking about that one.

So there's my list and I'm sure I'll keep adding to it.

In other news, OUR POOL OPENS TOMORROW! I am so pumped, even though I'm sure I'll be the biggest one out there. I don't have a maternity swimsuit and I'm not sure if I can really justify buying one at this point, but either way, you better believe I'll be at the pool at 10am tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow night Chad is taking me to the Melting Pot for a date. They have a Date Night special tomorrow night where you get a 4-course meal + 2 movie tickets for a set price, so we are taking advantage of that. Then this weekend we will chill out and I might even work again. I have been working on the weekends to make some extra cash and it really hasn't been too bad. Usually I am done by lunch time. Next weekend will be reserved for a much needed (and much deserved - ha) pedicure and I can't wait. Although the hospital will require me to have clear toenail polish since I am having a cesarean. BLAH.

Today was Mary Ella's last day of school and I am SAD because she will not have Miss Wendy next year. Wendy was a LIFESAVER for us this year (in more ways than one) and Mary Ella talks about her nonstop. I already dread having to take her to a new teacher next year. Maybe this little brother will make her enjoy school a little more and look forward to getting out of the house some! I hope so!


Katie said...

I can't believe it is so close and that you are about to be a mommy of 2! I wish so badly that I could come up and spend some time with you and help you! Stupid work.

We are BLESSED. said...

Just come up on your off days! Nanny Katie to the rescue.

Melissa said...

Ok...did anyone give you a video camera? We have one...records to an SD card. It's super easy to work and even easier to transfer to your computer.
Are you going to be up this way before he is born? Or can your mom meet me and bring it? I don't mind at all...just let me know. If you want to call/text, you can: 256-394-4678

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