Thursday, May 27, 2010

Early Morning Ramblings

We've had a good week so far. I've managed to keep my house fairly clean, stay on top of the laundry, and even catch up on some TV. Three things that will inevitably change in a little less than a week. Oh well, makes me feel good for now.

We've been to the pool every day this week and it's been sooo nice to get out and get some sun and spend time with Mary Ella.

I had planned on working a couple days this week, but I found myself getting very emotional thinking about how I only have one week left with this precious baby and I decided I'd spend every spare second loving on her and playing with her. And it's been good for both of us. She's been absolutely hilarious and really, really GOOD. Which, as you mothers know, at this age, when they are really, really good, you notice it. Yesterday morning I woke up to her saying this on the monitor:

"Haaaaleey! Chaaaad! Come meeeer! Right nooowwww! Haaaleeey! Chaaaadd!"

Ha! I died laughing and of course went to get her immediately and brought her to my bed. We are typically not on a first-name basis, but she does know our names (because I am scared if she gets lost in WalMart she might need to know these things), so I was surprised to hear that. It cracked me up though. Then last night she ate an entire bowl of Spaghetti-O's for supper and says, "Mama? Mac & cheese? Ok, we will." So I fixed her some Easy Mac and she ate the entire bowl of that too. Piglet. I love her.

I am up way too early this morning because I could not sleep. I am dreaming about this baby way too much. I literally have c-section dreams every night. My mental calendar goes no further than next Wednesday. And that needs to change - quickly - otherwise I will not survive the next month.

I also have lots of other things scrambling up my brain. Things like:
-How soon will I have to go back to work? What to do about child care? Finances? Etc?
-How soon after your c-section can you join Weight Watchers?
-My T-Mobile contract is ending. WalMart has iPhones for $97 with a new AT&T contract. Should I go that route or just stay with my $30 Nokia and TMobile?
-iPhones have a Weight Watchers app. That would be fun and convenient, right?
-Why does every cleaning product out there make my granite countertops look streaky? What do you use to clean your granite?
-See question above, and insert "stainless steel appliances" in place of granite countertops. Mine are streaky.
-Do you change out pictures in your picture frames so that they are more current? I love all these chunky bald baby photos of Mary Ella but I've gotten so many good pictures in the last year, I want to display those too. Guess I just need to get more frames.

See? These are the things that wake me up at 5am. Pathetic, I know.

Are you DVR-ing any shows this summer? I have not used my DVR as much as I thought I would. I have mostly recorded stuff that doesn't necessarily need recording because you know it will repeat itself in a week or so; things like House Hunters, Property Virgins, Say Yes to the Dress. But this week the Bachelorette started! And So You Think You Can Dance starts tonight. And then next week is Wipe Out and America's Got Talent. Yay for good TV.
I was surprised when I watched the Bachelorette Monday night and recognized one of the contestants - Ty, the medical sales rep from Franklin, TN (which he is actually from Bham.) The same doctor who set me and Chad up tried to set me and Ty up as well; however, it was immediately after The Great Breakup of 2006 and so I did not go out with him; instead, we just hung out one day at Dr. W's house, playing and recording music and talking with a group of friends. It's crazy that he is on the show. I actually have a few friends that dated him. Small world. And crazy weird that he is on TV.

Yesterday we got to hang with little Elon for a while. I think it's been good for Mary Ella to get to interact with a little baby like E, because she's learning to be gentle and what not; although she did offer him some chicken nuggets yesterday when he got a little fussy :) She talks about Elon all the time; everything in Sam's room is Elon's, according to Mary Ella. She will say "Elon's paci... Elon's bah-bah... Elon's blanky..." I think she is in for a rude awakening.

Well, there's my early bird post. Now back to bed.


Ashley said...

wow, you wrote this at 5:33 am? Yikers!
I am so excited about Sam. Can't wait to see you guys. Love you!

Amy said...

can't wait to meet sam. photo shoot on the horizon. just think- when we did mary ellas we knew NOTHING about cameras and used our little pocket ones. shame on us.

stainless steel wipes work GREAT on stainless. they're on my list now. mom uses them and they're amazing. in a pack like baby wipes.

{Amanda} said...

You are awesome- I love how raw some of your posts are =) {meant in the most sincere way}

Oh sweet Ella with her morning greeting- what a sweet girl! She's going to be such a great big sis =) I can already imagine how your little helper will be an instant Mommy-in-training.

By the way, my mom swears by Krud Kutter for granite countertops {and it's non-toxic}.

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