Monday, May 10, 2010

36 Weeks

Almost there! 36-week appointment was today and it started off with an ultrasound of little man to check my fluid level, which was the same as last week, so that's good; they want ti to be the same or decrease, either is fine. Then I had the NST (non-stress test), which is actually quite stressful for me because I can't really lay back in a recliner being pregnant and all; all that pressure on my back makes me feel like I am about to faint! I finally asked if I could lay on my side and they said that was fine. He did fine and jumped and kicked and his heart rate went up with every movement, which is good. Then I went back and saw Dr. H, who did my LOVELY strep-B test (if you haven't had this test before you are really missing out, trust me... HA), and then checked my cervix. I am not dilated at all, as expected. I had lost 2 pounds since last Monday so I felt good about that. I have to get an ultrasound and NST every week until he is born; I guess this is protocol for my fluid level and in case he is big like Mary Ella. But that means only 2 more appointments and then WHAM! He's here! Crazy stuff.


The Penter Family said...

Ahhh... The lovely strep b test. Yuck! Only a few weeks left to go!

{Amanda} said...

WHAM- craziness. Can't believe Sam's almost here!

The Moore Family said...

I so know what you're talking about when lying on your back. I am the same way. I remember when we did our 4-d ultrasound I kept begging to turn to my side before I passed out. The girl looked at me like I was crazy. Glad to know I'm not the only one!(I don't remember that with MR). I've never done a stress test? I go tomorrow for an ultrasound so I can see how big he is. I wish I could have ultrasounds every time, but this will probably be the last one. Can they tell you how long they are measuring? I love them!

Julie Young said...

Looking forward to seeing this little man! Good luck with the last few weeks!

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