Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rainy Weekend

dirt road walker
We enjoyed another weekend at the Compound, despite the stormy weather. On Friday night my grandparents hosted a huge fish fry, which I quickly deemed "Carb Fest 2010" because, well, that's what it was. Fried catfish, french fries, fried hushpuppies, baked potatoes, and slaw... not to mention the home made ice cream bar. I did what I could to hold back, but in that environment I was bound to cheat a little, and I did. It was GOOD, too! On Saturday the rain and wind joined us in full force and we spent most of the day inside. It finally cleared up a bit during the late afternoon and we let Mary Ella get her some outdoor time by jumping in the puddles and walking around in nothing but a diaper and her crocs. Poppa also taught her how to fish. She resisted riding the tractor with Grandaddy and Charlie but we're hoping she'll warm up to it by this summer. Because of the humidity, her hair was wild and out of control and I love seeing it that way. Enjoy the pictures...

poppa fish sepia
addie maryella love

Check out her terrified face!


Ashley said...

The picture of Addie and Mary Ella is great...well, they all are awesome. But AJ and ME look like 16 year olds in baby bodies...I know that sounds weird, but they will have to re-take this pic in 14 years. haha
You take the best pictures, BTW!

Katie said...

How Fun! I am jealous. I loved the pictures! Oh, and I love Mary Ellas crocs! They crack me up.
And I agree with Ashley. I thought that the girls looked like teenagers posing for that pic. I think it is because AJ is holding a solo cup. haha!

{Amanda} said...

Oh sweet girl! What a fun time...even if there were torrential downpours

McKinney Madness said...

Your pictures are amazing!! You've got to give me a little lesson in how to take good pics before the baby comes!

Sugar and Spice Mommy said...

beautiful pictures...found you as you commented on Dabry's blog..

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