Friday, April 2, 2010

A Quick Recap...

Before the infamous pregnancy brain gets the best of me and I completely forget what's been going on over the past few days, here's where we've been...

Last Saturday, after my yard sale runs and some breakfast at a smoke-free Waffle House, my little family of 3 went over to Heardsmont Park to watch my 5-year-old nephew Brooks play baseball! This is his first year to play and he did such a great job! His Dad, Chad's older brother Jason, is having the best time teaching him about the game; I look forward to those days with my little boy. I love the little uniforms and hats. And I love Brooks. He is one of the sweetest kids I know and was such a great sport when his aunt wanted to take pictures of him. I'm glad he's not "too cool" to pay attention to me or be embarrassed by me!


I love how they all slide into home plate, no matter what!


Mary Ella had a blast and enjoyed her sucker while watching Brooks. She even got to wear his hat after the game.

That evening we enjoyed dinner with my parents at P.F. Changs where we celebrated my brother's 26th birthday. Unfortunately I have no pictures because the lighting was weird and I didn't have the patience to fool with my camera. But we had such a good time. Afterwards we went to Yogurt Mountain, of course, and introduced my parents to the wondrous world of unlimited soft serve and toppings. Yum. Mary Ella was her usual piglet self and had a taste of everyone's concoctions, only to finish off the night by turning up my yogurt bucket and drinking the melty goodness, down to the last drop. My sister Ashley has pictures of this.
Sunday we relaxed and then went to church; Mary Ella wore this smocked dress, given to me recently by one of my best friends, Leslie, along with a matching bubble for baby Sam! This is her smiling on command...

And this week has been a blur so far. Monday I went to Kids Market and scored some huge deals for both Mary Ella and baby Sam. Tons of summer bubbles and day gowns for little man, as well as a tall bookshelf for his room. It has a horrid paint job and looks like something you'd see in Willy Wonka's house, but after a redo it will be perfect for his nursery.
On Wednesday I celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary with Chad. Chad took off work half a day and set up dinner plans and child care so that I wouldn't have to do anything but come along. We took Mary Ella to Chad's mom around lunch time and then went home and got ready for dinner. We ate at Surin, because we both wanted to go somewhere that we normally wouldn't go with our toddler in tow. We decided to eat appetizers and sushi (cooked, of course), and we enjoyed their egg rolls, crab angels, pot stickers, a yummi-yummi roll and a double shrimp roll. It was a TON of food but sooo good and so worth it. We'll be going back there, hopefully sooner than later. After dinner we walked around at the Summit for a while since it was so pretty outside, and then we just drove around with the windows down and just talked and relaxed. On our way to pick up Mary Ella (who, by the way, had enjoyed just as good of a time as we'd had - Chad's mom's best friend Bo is in town from Arizona, and they were going to Ross Bridge to spend a couple of relaxing nights in a hotel, so they took Mary Ella along. She got to swim in the pool, order room service pizza, and basically do whatever she wanted!) we stopped at Kids Market of course - ha - and Chad was completely overwhelmed. But I did score a few more deals and even bought some Santa gifts for little man (because I refuse to pay $30+ for every single Fisher Price toy that eventually breaks anyway). So we'll put them in the attic and he'll enjoy the heck out of them at Christmas; he'll be almost 7 months old by then. Mary Ella was glad to see us, and even more glad that we'd stopped at Krispy Kreme and gotten them donuts. It was a great anniversary date and I am so thankful for Chad; he's the most genuine guy I know, he's nice to everyone he meets, and he is such a sweet Daddy; it melts my heart to see him with Mary Ella. I love him with every ounce of my being (and that's a lot of ounces, these days.) :)

Yesterday I was able to take pictures of sweet Elon again, and he is the cutest little monkey with the cutest faces! I love babies at this age. Mary Ella was really sweet to him and pointed out his belly button and his toes, and she didn't seem a bit jealous when I was holding him, which is good, because he and Sam will be best buddies.

I am so glad the weekend is finally here! We're headed to the Compound today. Tonight Mary Ella is going to an egg hunt at my parents' church and Chad and I are going on another date - this time a triple date - with my brother and his wife and my sister and her boyfriend. Tomorrow I'm sure the guys will fish and we'll just relax and maybe even lay out (gasp!) I need to find something to wear for Easter that doesn't make me look like a gigantic egg. When you become a mother, the Easter outfit focus is shifted to your children. For the third year in a row, I'll be looking for something to wear the DAY BEFORE instead of weeks in advance. Thankfully, the attention will be on the kids and not the grown-ups. Mary Ella's dress is ready and I've heard it's absolutely beautiful. That's right, I haven't seen it! But I know who made it and she's been smocking for Mary Ella since before she was born, so I know it will be perfect! I chose yellow this year because we really don't have any smocked yellow outfits or dresses, and I thought it'd make her eyes extra blue. No bonnet this year; we'll go with the hairbow - gotta show off those curls. Plus I don't think she'd wear a bonnet anyway. Here's last year's picture...

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. Happy Easter!

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