Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today was a BEAUTIFUL Sunday! I need to charge my camera battery, as I am just realizing that the last 2 posts are totally void of pictures. Worship was wonderful this morning. We ate brunch with small group at Village Tavern and then said goodbye to Chad. He left today for a business trip to Phoenix and will be gone until late Friday. Boo! Thankfully it fell on a good week, because it happens to be mom's spring break, so she is coming down to spend the week with us. Hopefully we'll get the nursery curtains finished and tie up loose ends in baby's room. On Tuesday my aunt Vicki and cousin Ashley are coming down with Addie Jane and we're all going to head to Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon; we're going to IKEA! I'm so pumped because I've never been there. I'm not in the market for anything specific but I'm sure I'll find a few things; everything is so cheap! Then we're spending the night at the Hilton downtown (thank you Aunt Vicki!) and the next day we'll hit Centennial Park's splash pad and the aquarium. It'll be a nice way to pass the time while Chad is gone. Tuesday is also Chad's 33rd birthday; this is the third time he has been out of town for his birthday, due to work. I hate that for him, but hopefully we can celebrate when he gets home. Please pray for safe travels for all of us this week!

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