Wednesday, April 7, 2010

8 Weeks!

Hard to believe it, but in 8 weeks (or less!) I'll be holding a precious little boy in my arms. I can't wait!

I am going in for appointments every 2 weeks now and should have some ultrasound pictures to show for it pretty soon... he said we'd do the next one around 36 weeks or so! Can't wait to see my little man again. We're going to schedule the c-section at my next appointment too. Crazy!

I wish I could say that I passed the 3-hour blood sugar test; unfortunately I am now being referred to by my doc as the one-point wonder. As in, I fail everything by one point. Yep that's right. Yesterday was the day. I had blood drawn at 4 different intervals; the first 3 were perfectly normal; the last one... yep. Off by a point. So that's just my luck. My doctor thinks it is ridiculous that they "failed" me 2 weeks ago and tells me not to worry about it, as I am measuring right on time at 31 weeks. So I won't worry; I'll just do what I'm supposed to do. Which is check my blood sugar 4 times a day and stay away from the chocolate as much as possible :)

I am pretty much done with the nursery except for the curtains and a few accessories. Mom's spring break is next week so she's coming to help me finish up! I found the curtain fabric at M&M Fabrics in Rogersville for $7/yard and we are going to combine it with some fabric that was given to us by Miss Carolyn.

Thanks to sweet friends and consignment sales, I am pretty much set on clothes for the rest of the warm season. I'll hit Kids Market again in September for some great fall/winter stuff. The only "big" thing I am lacking is a baby swing (the one we had for M.E. was an older hand-me-down and no longer works, even with brand new batteries!) and some smaller things like a new boppy cover (mine is hot pink) and bottles, feeding supplies, pacifiers, etc. I've been making lists here and there and trying my best to get things ready, but I tire out so easily now! I have to take frequent breaks just to be able to get my house clean in one day. And this hot weather doesn't help things! I'm not complaining though, I promise. I would take hot over cold and rainy any day.

Well, Mary Ella is waking up from a long nap so I'm off to play! Hope everyone has a great week.


Amy said...

make sure and fit the c-section into my schedule, k? just kidding...but seriously....

Ashley said...

WHooo HOOO! I can't wait to hold baby Sam! I am so excited. I am hoping that he'll set your c-section a little before your due date since June 6th is the first day of our Team Camp. I want to be up there SOOO badly!

Jamie B. said...

I hope bananna pudding isn't bad for diabetes....because some is coming your way....

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