Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A little bummed.

I am 29 weeks pregnant and I went for my diabetes test the other day. I was sure I'd pass this time (although I knew my chances were super slim); I've been exercising every morning and I weigh about 8 pounds less than I did at this point in my last pregnancy. I even tested myself last week; I drank a strawberry Fanta one morning (which has 80g sugar; the stuff they give you only has 50g; an hour after I drank it my blood sugar was 105. So I thought I was definitely in the clear.)

Well boo. I failed. One hour after drinking that sugar soda, my blood sugar was 126.

The cut-off point is 140... normally.

But if you've had gestational diabetes BEFORE, apparently the cut-off point is 125.


Are you kidding me?!?!

I still don't know for sure if I really have it; I have to go back for the 3-hour test to be 100% sure. But I am just going to do my 3-hour test at my next regular appointment, which is in 2 weeks! (Yay for every-2-week appointments! Can't believe I'm at this point already!) So I'll find out for sure April 6th. Blah. Until then I'll be exercising and counting carbs. Yuck. But by the time I find out, I'll be 31 weeks and only have 8 weeks to go. No big deal. I just hope he's not a 10-pounder!


A said...

Bleh. Does it alter how you go about the next eight weeks if you find out that you do, in fact, have it? I think you look fabulous, and I know you're feeling fabulous. Win win, in my book!

Courtney said...

Boo. I HATE the 3 hour test! I had the worst headache after mine and wanted to kill someone! Hope it goes well!

Shelley said...

Oh Haley I'm sorry! Carb counting does not sound fun at all. Just had to tell you that Mary Ella is SO STINKIN' CUTE!! Especially those little curls she has!

We are BLESSED. said...

Ashley, if I do have it, I will basically just eat 6 meals a day; 3 meals + 3 snacks, each with a balance of the 4 food groups. It's not as difficult as it is annoying; I don't typically eat like that during the day and I am not a fan of things like carrot sticks, celery, etc so its just going to be annoying.

MeMama said...

Bg,you are such a wonderful mother! I will be praying for you... you will be just fine!!! Just keep doing what you know you need to do and you WILL be fine! much love!

{Amanda} said...

Sorry Haley =( Do they seriously have to "redo" if it's soveryclose?

Will be praying that it's not official!

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