Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm Bored.

So here's a fun pregnancy survey for this ugly rainy day...

How Far Along? 27.5 Weeks
Total Weight Gained? I think around 20 pounds now. Yuck.
Favorite Maternity Clothes? Secret Fit jeans from Motherhood. And you can't beat Old Navy yoga pants.
Sleeping Well? Most nights I do. Can't sleep on my back anymore, it makes me feel like I'm going to faint.
Best Moment of the Week? Sunday's afternoon nap, approximately 4 hours long, followed by pizza and the Oscars with Chad
Movement? YES. All the time. He is much more active than Mary Ella was at this point.
Latest Craving? Whatchamacalit with an ice cold Diet Coke. Or a Reese's Egg.
Food Aversions? Ice cold water seems to give me bad reflux... is that weird or what? I still drink it though.
Morning Sickness? Not any more.
Labor Signs? BH Contractions when I work out; other than that, nothing. He is a lot lower than Mary Ella was, though.
What I Miss? My skinny jeans.
What I Look Forward To? Holding him, of course. And introducing Mary Ella to her baby brother.
Weekly Wisdom? Sometimes a trip to Ross for a new $7 maternity shirt is a necessity. It will bring you out of your I'M FAT slump. Temporarily. But it is still worth it.


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