Friday, March 12, 2010

The Best Part

While Mary Ella is napping I have been calculating the cost of this freezer food madness. And I really do think it is going to pay off.

The grand total for ALL of the meals I have made so far is $59.55.

Now, before you freak out and go buy all of the ingredients, let me tell you how I came up with this total. The cost of the food was more than this, obviously. The $59.55 total is the exact cost of what we will be eating. I bought tons of stuff at Costco in bulk - things like eggs, milk, spaghetti noodles and sauce, chicken broth, shredded cheese, etc; things we use in many recipes - to get my total, I simply took the entire cost of the ingredient and divided it by how much I actually used in THIS particular cooking session.

For instance, I bought 2 HUGE jars of Prego spaghetti sauce. The cost for both was $7.69.
I only used half of one of these huge jars for both my lasagna and spaghetti dishes. So I divided $7.69 by 4 and got $1.92. (I rounded up to the nearest cent, to be 100% fair.) I did this with every ingredient, including the ground beef and chicken.

The only items that I had on hand were butter, flour, the spices, and the bag of Great Value frozen vegetables. I bought everything else.

I won't know for a week or two how long all this food actually lasts, so we'll see. But I do know that I have 14 casserole meals (that's 7 8x8 casseroles, remember one of them feeds us twice) as well as the burritos, so I figure we are good for at least 2 weeks. And $60 for 2 weeks worth of dinners is not so bad, if you ask me! We easily spend $20+ when we go out to eat, so think how much this will save us in the long run!

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