Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nursery Planning

YAY! Got my fabric swatches in yesterday and I am so pumped! I cannot say enough about Javis Davis. I first heard about them through a friend I worked with at Children's, and so after seeing their fabrics (and PRICES!) online I decided to order Mary Ella's bedding from them, and I couldn't have been more pleased. This time around has been no different. They have been fantastic to work with and they even remembered me from last time! Mary Lou, the owner and head designer, is so sweet and down to earth and she'll drop everything to talk to you on the phone, no matter what she is doing at the time. Last Friday I e-mailed her to see if they had a certain fabric available, one I had seen on this site, and she e-mailed me back right away telling me they didn't have it, the reason, etc. Then we talked and I told her kind of what I was thinking for the nursery, and sent her a picture, and she called me back and said she'd e-mailed me a crib design. When I checked my e-mail I was floored! She knew exactly what I wanted. I was a little concerned about the lime green color in her design, afraid it wouldn't match the other greens that are already in the room, and so she offered to send me swatches of every lime green color she had, so that I could match it perfectly! And not only did she send me the green ones, but after seeing the picture of the nursery so far, she sent me everything she had that matched the room! All for free, I might add. (They usually charge you $5 per set of swatches!)

So these are the fabrics for the new nursery. I matched the greens right away and I called Mary Lou and we went over the design on the phone, so the bedding is ordered and I can't wait to see everything come together. I chose black and white because I thought it'd be something a little different. I have seen so much chocolate brown over the past 2-3 years and nearly every bedding set or crib fabric you can find has some sort of chocolate brown. So I thought black would be a good substitute and I think it'll still be fairly easy to find accessories.
The crib and changing table are white and the glider is the one I used for Mary Ella, a pale lime green. The walls were already bright blue (the blue you see on the fabric swatch and in the old picture to the right) so I wanted colors that would both contrast and compliment the walls. I am still planning on making the curtains. There is a huge window in the room that lets in a lot of natural light, so I am going to do long curtains so that I can shut them when it's nap time. Otherwise little guy won't be able to get much sleep, I'm afraid.
I painted his name onto canvases that will hang above the crib. Since Mary Ella has the hanging wooden letters I thought some square canvases would be different and cute. And for $5 per canvas (thank you, Big Lots) I couldn't pass up this option. Then I painted an elephant for another wall, and this canvas also has his name at the bottom near the elephant's trunk. I have edited the name out of both the pictures - sorry but that part will have to wait. That's why parts of the paintings look messed up or blurry.

I love the changing table I found on Craigslist and I think it'll work perfectly for the room. I purchased three of these canvas bins at WalMart to hold PJ's, sleepers, and blankets. They match the walls perfectly but I added some 2-inch black and white polka dot ribbon across the top and bottom for some added color. Chad loves the manly polka dots. (Yeah, right.) I think I am going to look for some square black baskets to grace the middle shelf, for things like diapers, lotions, wipes, burp cloths, etc. I just need to find what I'm looking for first.

I am really pleased with how everything is coming together so far and 2 weeks from now I'll have bedding so I'm sure there will be more posts to come. I know you are all sitting on pins and needles. (Haha, Ashley B...)

*P.S. For some reason after I uploaded this post I realized that since all the pictures were taken at different times during the day (morning, afternoon, night) that some of the colors look totally different than in other pictures. The walls looks GRAY in some of them. But everything does match, I assure you. Just didn't want you all to think I was colorblind.*


Kristy said...

Looks so cute and so very "you!"

{Amanda} said...


Girl, the black and white will be a great way to keep Baby M's nursery modern...and manly =)

Sooooo love that striped fabric {as you know!}. And the canvases look super cute- you're so talented!

Can't wait to see everything unfold...

Ashley said...

Beautiful! You Rutledge women kill me with your creativity!

Ashley said...

I love it all!
Great colors and the paintings ROCK!

The Perkins Family said...

Precious! I wished you would have came to Florence to do my nursey :)

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