Tuesday, February 16, 2010

24 Weeks

I went for my even-numbered 24 week appointment this morning and everything still looks good. Baby Boy is VERY active and kept moving around and it took Dr. Hudson a few minutes to get a good heart rate, which ended up being in the 130's. I have gained 14 POUNDS since the beginning of pregnancy. Not so bad until you factor in that 9 of those pounds were accumulated in the last 5 WEEKS. WOW. That's a bit of a hard pill to swallow. My doc wasn't concerned though, and I only measured one week ahead at 25 weeks. Considering I was measuring 27 weeks @ Mary Ella's 24-week appointment, I wasn't too concerned either. Hopefully I won't gain another 9 pounds over the next 5 weeks though. (And yes, I said 5 weeks; Dr. Hudson will be gone for spring break during my 28th week, so I'm being brutally forced to face my aversion to odd numbers and go for my diabetes test at 29 weeks. Ergh. That's what I get.)

We left the OB office and went straight to Mary Ella's pediatrician, because over the weekend she developed a nasty cough and has been congested all over again. Guess we might have overdone it in the snow, but I'm sure she'd consider it to be worth it. She STILL has double ear infections. Not sure if they are new or if they are just lingering, but either way, we're on another round of antibiotics (Augmentin this time) as well as some eyedrops because her eyes were starting to run again. Bless her heart. I am ready for this to be over! And I am ready for WARM weather! I would so love to be able to get outside and walk! And God knows I need the exercise with my recent weight gain.

In my defense, I will say that I have been faithfully doing my elliptical for 25 minutes each morning. I was up to 40 minutes a day before pregnancy but in the last few weeks I've had to cut my time down due to some Braxton Hicks contractions that did NOT feel so great. I think walking will be easier, but we have to wait for warmer weather.

In other news, our under-mounted sink detached from our granite and fell while I was washing dishes Saturday night. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that to happen! We hadn't talked to our builder for over a year and I couldn't find his phone number or his company's phone number anywhere, so what did I do? I looked him up on FaceBook, of course! And there he was, plain as day. So I messaged him and he called me right away and said he'd take care of it. Even though our house is long out of its warranty, he said something like that should NEVER happen and that someone would be out to fix it. And sure enough, I've got 2 guys right here doing a mighty fine job, as far as I can tell. I love when people do the right thing. Yes sir.


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