Thursday, January 14, 2010

School Update

Well, after Tuesday, I spoke with the director of the MDO program about Mary Ella being upset so much; she reassured me, along with all of you, that this was normal and that they'd give her more time, etc. I also read online that toddlers can only think in the present tense; so they can't really imagine that you'll ever be back to get them even if you say you'll be back; which made a lot of sense to me as to why she was so hysterical.

Today was no different when I dropped her off; in fact, the moment she saw the church from the highway she began wimpering. She cried a lot when I dropped her off but luckily they decided to switch her to a new class - and it just so happens that one of my friends teaches that class! The kids in this class are closer to her age anyway (the other class was a little older) so that made me feel better; plus the fact that I could text her teacher during the day helped me a LOT! She even sent me pictures of her smiling - ha!

Anyway, when I picked her up she was NOT crying! She was playing with the other kids. I couldn't have been more relieved. Wendy said she stopped crying around 10:45ish and hadn't cried since. She was happy to see me but she didn't burst into tears like she had been doing the past 2 days. So God definitely answered our prayers. I know she probably isn't completely adjusted yet but this was a huge step, just knowing she didn't cry ALL.DAY.LONG. Made my day a lot easier. I appreciate all the encouragement and advice you all gave us! Praying for it to get better each and every week!

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Kayla said...

Glad little ME is doing better. I am glad you updated because I have been worrying about this myself. We are starting Jack two days a week in Feb., so I am very nervous on how he will adjust since he has stayed with family his whole life. Hope our transition goes well! Congrats on the baby boy too!! They loooove their mommas :)

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