Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gifts from Grandmother

They never disappoint. Each year, my grandmother (on mom's side) always comes up with the best ideas for Christmas gifts. They almost always include a fun, thoughtful poem. One of our favorite gifts from her this year was this big basket full of goodies, which included popcorn, 2 coffee mugs, a bag of her famous peanut brittle, home made mocha mix, a pair of warm pajamas for both Chad and me, a cozy blanket, a gingerbread-scented candle, the new Casting Crowns CD, and these words...

Put the kids to bed
The dogs and cats too.
Plan a real comfy night
That's just for you!

Put on your warm PJ's
Turn the lights low
Enjoy your new candle
With its cozy glow.

Get out your mugs
Ready for a toasty treat
Hot chocolate on your tray
With candy to eat!

Snuggle up in your new blanket
Pull it up tight
Put on your CD
And enjoy your night!


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