Friday, December 4, 2009

The Christmas Tree

Mary Ella convinced us to get a real tree this year, and I'm glad we did. I didn't expect them to be as expensive as they were, but its all for the sake of tradition (and helping out Boy Scout Troop 109.) Chad had never had a real tree growing up so he had a good time helping her pick out the perfect pine for our living room. We gave her specific instructions on the way to the lot so that she would be an expert at choosing our tree...

It's important to use your senses when picking out a tree. First, your SIGHT... no leaners or wobblers or skinny minnies...

And TOUCH is important too. Nothing too prickly, please.

SMELL is also very important. She wanted that perfect wintergreen scent.

Ew! Not this one!

It's also important to have a way to get your tree from the lot to your house. Notice who is in the passenger seat.

And if you have purchased a rather tall tree, a small step ladder is also a must.

We prefer the chunky, Clark Griswoldy colored lights, in addition to the white ones.

Some hired decorators are an added bonus. So that you can just sit in the recliner and watch and take pictures.

And if one of the decorators gets a little ornery and starts pulling ornaments off the tree, you can threaten to place her on top of the tree, so that she will turn into a good little angel. This trick usually works wonders. See? All smiles. GET ME DOWN, DADDY!

All lit up!

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