Monday, December 28, 2009

The Bug

Hope you are all enjoying your gifts and staying WELL... because after our Christmas celebrations with Chad's family and seeing Mary Ella enjoy her Santa toys, a little bug crept into our lives... and it's still HERE... and NO FUN.

We left Birmingham Friday afternoon to go to Huntsville, where we always celebrate Christmas with my mom's side of the family; better known as The Compound clan. There were about 30 of us, I think. Friday night we played games and enjoyed our traditional meal of finger foods and appetizers, then headed to bed. Around 4am Mary Ella started crying. She was in her pack-n-play at the foot of our bed. I thought maybe she'd just woken up due to being in a new place. But she couldn't settle herself down, so I put her in the bed with us; as soon as I laid her down between Chad and me, she started throwing up. And let me tell you, it was NOT fun. If you've never experienced a stomach bug with a toddler, I hope you never do. They don't know what to do, because they are so little! I literally had to turn her over and upside down so that she wouldn't choke. She just cried and cried because she didn't know what was going on; it was just pitiful. This lasted until about 6am, when we finally got her back to sleep. The next morning Chad went to Publix and got some Pedialyte and I tried to get her to drink as much as possible (and have you tasted that stuff? It's gross; basically a Flintstone Vitamin in liquid form - ugh.) She seemed to feel better and so I let her eat breakfast. She was back to her normal self by 11am or so, in spite of going through about 20 diapers in 2 hours (yes, the ugly bug started manifesting itself in other ways, or at the other end, I should say - but that's better than vomiting!)
By the time we left to go home, everything was back to normal. We came back to my parents' house here in Florence and Saturday night opened gifts with them. Sunday morning we went to church and then came home and got ready to open gifts with my Dad's parents. They brought soup and sandwiches. Right before they got here, Chad wasn't feeling so hot, so he headed upstairs to lay down. Well, he ended up staying there all. day. long. Throwing up, fever, chills, aches. Yuck. We stayed away for the most part except to bring him blankets and Sprite. After presents, (around 5pm yesterday), Mom also felt weak; she's been in the bed ever since. Same stuff. My cousins Annsley, Ann Marie, Brooks, Charlie and my aunt Amanda also have the bug. Charlie is currently in the hospital because of it; he got really dehydrated.

SOOooooOO.... I say all that to say THIS:
1. Please pray for my family! This is no fun!
2. Please pray I don't get this bug! (Because there would literally be NO ONE to take care of my child right now!)
3. Wash your hands and/or carry some GermX if you are out in public!
4. Thank God for your HEALTH!


Melissa Shores said...

Eek! So sorry about that! I hope y'all get to feeling better soon!

Courtney said...

Yikes! So sorry!! You definitely don't want to get it ... I had it twice when I was pregnant and thought I was literally going to die! I'll be saying some prayers for you all!

The Penter Family said...

We ALL just had it... one at a time starting with Colton. It was TERRIBLE! Camron had to take 2 days off work when I got it so he could take care of Colton.
I totally understand what you are saying about the throwing up... it comes out of nowhere and without warning. Colton threw up all over us, in my hair, in my mouth, etc... I'm just glad it is OVER! I REALLY hope you don't get it. But if you do, call me and I'll come get Mary Ella for you!

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