Monday, November 2, 2009

Old Navy has cute clothes.

And I bought some of them for my birthday. A while back, (like as in years ago when I was single), I was shopping at Old Navy and as I was checking out, the cashier asked me if I wanted to apply for their credit card. If I did, I'd save 35% that day, because they were running a special, as well as an extra 10% off my entire purchase. I had gotten about $100 worth of clothes, so I said "SURE!" because it would take my total down to $55. Which was a good deal. I got the credit card bill in the mail, paid it off, and my credit card hasn't been used since. In fact, I don't even know where the thing is.

So last week I got a mail-out about a sale they were having at Old Navy for credit card users only; the first 50 people in the door would get 50% off their entire purchase! Now that is a good deal. But you had to use your credit card on the purchase. I was up in Florence, and the night before the sale, I called Old Navy to make sure the sale was going on, and to ask if I had to have my credit card to get in the door; "YES" was the resounding answer, to my disappointment. I pleaded my case ("But I DO have the credit card, I just don't know where it is" etc) and basically all they could say was "I'm sorry. You can still USE your credit card, because we can look it up at the register, but you can't get the 50% off deal because you don't have the physical card WITH YOU." HOW STUPID!) So basically the first 50 people were going to get a special shopping bag to use, and that's how the cashiers would know they would get 50% off. I was bummed but I decided to try to get in anyway and get the deal.

So I left my parents' house Friday morning at 9:45 am thinking, "Surely no one else knows about this deal." To my surprise there was a line a mile long outside the door! I was so mad! I had to be at least the 100th person in line. But when the doors opened the line started moving pretty quickly. I noticed they were handing out the special shopping bags. When I got up to the door, the girl said, "Do you have your credit card?" I said, "No but I DO have a credit card; you can look it up at the register." She said, "I'm sorry, I can only give you the 50% off deal if you have your card with you." I just rolled my eyes and went into the store without the special shopping bag. Boo.

I was so bummed and really didn't even want to shop at that point. But I decided to look around anyway because I had some birthday money and a gift card too. About 20 minutes later I was making my way to the front of the store, NOTHING in hand, when I heard a loud voice shouting "Does anyone have an Old Navy credit card but does NOT have a 50% off BAG?!?!" Luckily I was standing right there and I started jumping up and down shouting, "ME! ME! ME!" (Then I looked around and realized no one else even cared and I looked pretty stupid.) It was the same girl that had rejected me at the door. She recognized me and said, "Oh, but you don't have your card with you." I said, "No, I don't. But I really do have a credit card." So she said, "Ok, let's just go look it up at the register." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I was so excited and so thankful and so regretful of all the ugly things I had said about that sweet girl in my head earlier. :) She looked up my card and handed over the 50% off shopping bag. So I was IN and I was happy the rest of the day. I bought a few sweaters (like that high-neck sweater in the picture, except in RED) and a warm "lumpy" coat (see picture) that I really needed and has already been put to good use. Best of all, I got 50% off my entire purchase and used gift cards and birthday money to pay for all of it.

As for my REAL birthday present to myself, well, thanks to my BESTFRAND Amy B. I am getting a new camera! I am super pumped! More on that later.
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