Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Camera

Blueish Eyes, originally uploaded by HaleyM82.

Green Eyes, originally uploaded by HaleyM82.

Took these with my new Canon Rebel T1i. Love it so far.


Kristy said...

Girl, that exact camera has been teetering at #2 or #3 on my Christmas list for months now, and these cute pictures just permanently bumped it up to #1. So cute!

We are BLESSED. said...

I would highly, highly, highly recommend it! I knew nothing about digital SLR cameras when mary Ella was born and that is one of my biggest regrets! this one will NOT disappoint! And it won't hurt that you have a beautiful child :)

The 5 W's said...

Haley, that camera is actually on my Christmas list! Since you are such a bargain hunter, did you get a good deal on it and where? I'm in the process of shopping around...

We are BLESSED. said...

I actually got the camera from Best Buy, but they will price match! I actually bought the camera body only so the Best Buy price was around $699. I bought a separate lens because I already had the lens that the camera came with; I have seen the camera on for $750, lens included, which is a great deal for this camera; Best Buy will match it. I would also check B&H Cameras, WalMart, and Amazon. Definitely worth it though. The pictures are amazing.

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