Sunday, November 8, 2009

Current Cravings

In my last pregnancy I had one steady craving from the end of the first trimester through about 20 weeks. Plain Lay's potato chips. Which I never eat. This time (well, so far) I have craved different, random things. Like a Wendy's hamburger. I can't even tell you the last time I ate a Wendy's hamburger. But one day last week I needed one so Chad had to go get it for me. After I ate it, I wondered why I had craved the thing. Other things have included a strawberry milkshake, a Chips Ahoy cookie, Ramen noodle slaw, and, thanks to a recent snack suggestion, French toast (Thanks, Kayla - I did make it twice last week and it hit the spot!) At least I have an excuse for wanting all this random food.

THANKS for all the snack suggestions! They were brilliant and they all made my mouth water! My grocery run is tomorrow so I plan to stock up.
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