Monday, November 2, 2009

16 Months

At 16 months, my little peacock weighs 24 lbs, 11 oz and is 31 inches long; that's 75th percentile, so she's gone from a line backer to more of a tight end. As the walking has increased, the eating as decreased, and so has the chub. Boo. I'm just thankful she's healthy and hopefully we will both stay that way with all the sickness going around! We are both getting our swine flu shot this week. Dr. A had me write down all the words Mary Ella could say at her 15 month check-up and he was surprised when my list turned up 60+ words; he said she had the vocabulary of a 2-year old, and would probably have the attitude of a 2-year old before long. Lovely! Although getting that attitude NOW would probably be better than when she actually turns 2, considering I'll have a 4-week old on my hands at that time. Maybe if it comes sooner, we can whip her into shape :)
Mary Ella's favorite foods include milk, eggs, green beans, waffles, applesauce, chicken and cheese. Oh, and thanks to her Dad, Reese's Pieces. "Tandy peesh," (or "Candy, please") she says.... over and over and over. I'll be glad when this candy jar is EMPTY.
Her current favorite books are her Baby Einstein See & Say book, Ten Little Ladybugs, My First Halloween, and Biscuit's Halloween.
Favorite toys include her talking tea set, her baby dolls and her baby doll accessories, like her stroller and high chair. Lately she has wanted to actually get INTO the baby doll high chair; so when we play in her room I have to put her in there. It is hilarious. She also loves to sit in her Bumbo chair and gets stuck every time. I think after seeing baby Jack, she realized she wasn't a little baby anymore. Or maybe she just wants to be able to do what her baby dolls can do. It's so funny, either way.

Well, thanks for reading. These posts are primarily for me, so I can remember what she was doing at whatever age! I wish my baby book would hold all this info, but I think this is a better way to catalog everything!

Mary Ella's Words at 16 Months:
Dog, Kitty, Sheep, Cow, Horse, Paci, Car, Bat, Sun, Moon, Ice, Egg, Cup, Water, Banana, Apple, Cracker, Cookie, hot, cheese, juice, Grover, Please, Thank you, Slide, cupcake, candy, Hi, ByeBye, Hello, Yes, No, Two, Six, Ball, Shoes, Sock, Purse, Bow, Eyes, Nose, Teeth, Baby, Elmo, Bites, Pumpkin, Ghost, Swing, Toys, Book, Up, Bath, Bubble, Teeth, Sit, Mimi, Poppa, Mama , Daddy, Bets, Buzz, Bubba, MeMama, Rei-Rei, Jack, Manda, Brooks, Grannie, Cah-Cah, Ruff, Meow, Moo, Baaah, Roar, Movie, TV


Julie Y. said...

I have noticed that Luke's eating as decreased recently as well. I am glad that we are not the only ones. Man that Mary Ella can talk! HA!

{Amanda} said...

ME is super smart! Seriously, all those words at 16 months? That's crazy- way to go Mary Ella!

Jamie B. said...

Holy smokes. She'll be 2 and the new baby will be 4 months? That's crazy!

We are BLESSED. said...

Jamie, she'll be 2 when the baby is 4 weeks, not 4 months. Not sure which would be better... ugh

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