Monday, September 14, 2009

projects for playtime

Mary Ella is a growing baby. Now that she is walking, she is also starting to "play" a bit more and I've realized that her nursery is probably not very play-friendly. We keep most of her toys in either the family room (which means 2-3 decorative baskets OVERFLOWING with toys, books and puzzles) *which means clutter. which means headache.* or in the playroom downstairs. But recently I decided that since she is getting to the age where she does like to sit and read, play with blocks, babies, puzzles, etc, her room needs to be a place where she can do that... instead of just being the place where she gets dressed, changed and put to sleep every night. SOoooOO...A few weeks ago at a Vestavia yard sale I purchased this...
It is a child-size wooden table with 2 chairs. I thought it'd be perfect for her room. And at $15 for the set, I couldn't resist. I decided to paint them the color of her bathroom. We have 2 bedrooms on the left side of our house that are joined by a jack and jill bathroom - perfect for kids! Mary Ella's room is bright pink; the other room is bright blue. The bathroom is kiwi lime green. And now, so is her table.

I moved the glider from her room to the other bedroom; we had already planned on moving it whenever we had another baby, so this was in the plan anyway. Plus, Mary Ella LOVED crawling behind it when it was in the corner of her room, and she was notorious for getting "stuck" and not being able to find her way out! This has solved that problem. So now, her "corner" is a play corner and she can play to her heart's content. She seems to love the new set-up and I've had so much fun watching her with her dolls. She'll read to them, put them in their cradle, feed them bottles, and she rarely wants to leave her room.


Meredith said...

SO cute...especially for $15!!

The Penter Family said...

Great paint job. I need to find something like that for Colton... I doubt I'll get the $15 pricetag... but that sure would be nice if I could find one. I'm going to a consignement sale this week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed....

{Amanda} said...

PERFECT! She has her own special nook now...I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing with M's glider/ottoman...hmmmm, something I should have thought of beforehand.

I bet you envision special tea parties...perfect with the window's light too.

Another good bargain find Haley!

We are BLESSED. said...

Martina... check Big Lots... I saw some there for pretty cheap after I bought them, and if I'm thinking right they were already painted cute primary colors...

Katie said...

Too cute! She is getting so big!

Amy said...

that table is adorable. i'll admit, when i saw the first picture i wondered what in the world you were thinking. when i saw the finished product, it looked like something from pottery barn. i'm impressed, though not surprised! :)

thanks for your comment on my blog. i may continue posts, not sure. i don't want people to think i'm bragging by any means. i may have a monday when i've gained weight for all i know. we'll see. so far, it's working. and yes- let's reward ourselves. seen any good deals on cruises??

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