Thursday, September 17, 2009

The pantry is full

I often find myself complaining because we have "nothing to eat." However, my pantry is full. See?

(It does not normally look organized and neat like this. This picture was taken after I made myself clean it out earlier today.)
After going through the coupons and checking all my coupon websites on Sunday, I went through our pantry to make our menu plan for the week, and I thought, "Gosh, there is a TON of food in here." It was the truth! Cans, boxed rice, pasta, cereal, soups... you name it, we probably had it. So I decided that I would not buy groceries this week and that we would eat on whatever we had in the pantry (and fridge, which looks VERY different from the pantry - almost empty, besides some cheese, milk, sandwich meat and various condiments!) We've had taco soup, lemon pepper chicken with brown rice, shrimp stir fry, turkey sandwiches and tonight is French Onion soup with some french bread and muenster cheese - yum! (Not South Beach diet friendly, but YUM.) I can't BELIEVE I sometimes waste a week's worth of grocery money when we already have enough food to feed a small tribe right here in our own house. I go to the grocery out of habit mostly, but I need to do this more often. It gave me some perspective - not only into how blessed we are, but at how much money I could be saving each week!

On another note, here is how I like to eat French Onion Soup:
1 can Campbell's (or your preferred brand) of French Onion Soup
1 piece of thick, preferably day old or stale French bread
1 slice muenster cheese

Heat the soup in the microwave to warm. Meanwhile turn your oven to broil. Pour your soup into an oven safe bowl. (You can put your bowl on a cookie sheet to make it easy to get in and out of the oven.) Top with the piece of French bread and then the cheese. Broil for 3-4 minutes on HIGH until the cheese is melted and the soup is bubbly. This is divine! (For those from Florence, it tastes like Dale's!)


A said...

Yum! So ready to make your soup recipe. The last two weeks I was in bham were some of our best eating weeks ever and, you guessed it, we didn't buy a single bit of food-- only used what we had. Amazing, isn't it?

Katie said...

OH! Your pantry is so tidy! I love that you just happened to have muenster cheese in the fridge. What does your shrimp stir fry consist of?

We are BLESSED. said...

Katie, I use a bag of WalMart brand stir-fry veggies, frozen cooked shrimp (already peeled and de-veined), whole wheat spaghetti or linguine (for the "lo-mein") some frozen peas because I like the sweetness, and a little stir-fry sauce and soy sauce. It's basically Chinese take-out - at home! Oh, and sometimes I add a fried egg like they do at the Japanese places! It adds great flavor too!

We are BLESSED. said...

Ashley - isn't that a smart idea?! I have enjoyed doing it too, although today I am going to bite the bullet and finally get groceries because if not I'll be eating flour and Kashi cereal only. HA! I want to come visit! We need to plan a weekend this fall!

Oh and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! I need your new address!

{Amanda} said...

Ummm yes your pantry is putting mine to shame! Please don't ever look in my cabinets =)

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