Thursday, April 30, 2009

This week...

Spring continues to be busy for the Morgans. With all the birthdays, showers, weddings, vacations, business trips and home improvement crafts/projects, we rarely have time to sit still, much less blog about all that's going on. But I am loving this time in our lives and we count our blessings every day - we really do.
I am going on week 2 without Chad. He has been in Jackson, Mississippi with his job since last Monday. He came home on the weekend, but had to go back Sunday night. We will be ready to see him when he gets home tomorrow. And hopefully he won't have to go back! I have been trying to get the house cleaned and all the laundry done before he gets home. Tonight I am going across the street to Jamie's to watch The Biggest Loser and Grey's Anatomy, and tomorrow I am seeing a few patients and running a couple errands before Chad gets home.
This week, since Chad was in Mississippi, I went up to Florence to stay with Mom and Dad. I surprised Kristi at school by showing up in the lunch room and ended up eating with Ann Marie. Monday night we had a big cookout at Kristi and Brad's and everyone was able to come, so that was fun! My cousins Annsley, Ann Marie and I made cake pops for dessert and even my Grandmother was impressed! Mary Ella entertained everyone by showing them how to crawl like a big girl (yea!) and she loved the attention and clapping. Tuesday I took Mary Ella and Charlie to UNA to see the lions and the fountain. Mary Ella loved sticking her feet in the water. After we got back Charlie and I rode on my Dad's lawnmower for awhile and Charlie showed me how to shift the gears, put on the parking brake, and turn off the engine. At 5 years old he is quite the little worker - he knows all about tractors, tools and gardening. We had fun spending time with him and his mom and sisters too.
Chad gets home tomorrow and we'll spend the weekend at home - ahhh. Always nice. Then next weekend we head back to Florence for Ashley's wedding! I am looking forward to seeing all the girls and eating some great food! And of course Sunday will be my first Mother's Day, so that is extra special!

P.S. My little munchkin will be 10 months old on Saturday, so look for a new post then! Lots of new things happening in the world of Mary Ella...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Dedication

This past Sunday was Mary Ella's baby dedication. Both our families and many of our friends were there to celebrate the occasion. Our church had a special baby dedication service from 3-4pm on Sunday afternoon, followed by a reception. She was given a sweet little Bible and a certificate, and Chad and I were each given a book on being a godly mother and father. We committed to disciple our child and teach her about the Lord and His abounding love for her. It is very humbling to know that the Lord has "loaned" us His sweet Mary Ella to raise and to love and to teach. We look forward to the day when she will accept Him as her Lord and Savior!

We love you, Mary Ella!

(And thank you Leslie and Cheryl and Carolyn for the beautiful dress - she loves it.)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quack Quack

Yesterday Mary Ella and I ate lunch with Katie L. at Ragtime Cafe, and it was so good! The weather was great and we sat outside on the patio. We had some unexpected guests arrive about halfway through the meal. Mary Ella shared her puffs with her new friends.

Yard Work Day 2

Almost done! Today I planted Zinnias within the monkey grass and lantanas around our tree. Then I added more mulch. I also went to a new part of our neighborhood where they are doing construction and I was able to get the large stones surrounding the flower beds. I am headed back for more of them today - hauling rocks is not an easy job. I still have to pot my flowers too.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Yard Work.

Today I worked in the yard ALL DAY LONG! Chad is out of town for the week so I figured I would get some things done around here during the day! We have not done anything to our flower beds since we moved in, and they were filled with dead pine needles instead of good soil or mulch. So today I raked all the pine needles up and threw them away, pulled up about a billion weeds, raked the soil and filled the beds in with mulch! All in all it looks really great. I still need to trim our knockout rose bushes because they are about to overtake our porch, but other than that I am pleased with the progress...

Before (ugly gray dead pine straw and weeds and untrimmed hedges)

After (trimmed hedges and mulch - and NO weeds!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This was our first weekend at home in what seems like forever! We have been busy lately with Easter, wedding showers, parties and weekends out of town, so it was nice to just stay home. Friday night I had all the girls from Bible study over for an old school slumber party. Chad spent the night with his brother so us girls could have fun. We played SingStar 80's Karaoke on the PS2, ate tons of good party food including chocolate chex, pizza, spinach dip and M&Ms, had fun doing facials with Courtney's Beauti Control products, and attempted to watch a movie that we started at about 1:00am - none of us made it through the movie! We are old, I guess. Back in the day I could've easily stayed up until 4am. Not any more. :(
Saturday morning we rested (and recovered) and that afternoon I went to Ross and found some decent deals on some play clothes for Mary Ella. I also went to our Pier One, which is closing and has marked everything down to 50-70% off, but I didn't find anything worth getting, really. We ate leftovers for lunch and went across the street to Theresa and Seth's house for dinner. Theresa is one of the sweetest neighbors that we have! From the time we moved in she has been so kind to us - she brought us a Gold Canyon candle as a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" gift the day we moved in; she brought us dinner when Mary Ella was born, and she has showed up at our door at 8pm before with a plate full of homemade cookies! Her kids are Kassidy, Trevor and Gavin. Gavin is just 2 months older than Mary Ella. They are going to be best buddies.
Mary Ella enjoyed visiting with Gavin last night - he has had problems with his lungs since he was born and is on a ventilator through his trachea. He is doing so great and we're thankful that he is able to be home! Mary Ella sat in his crib with him last night and his eyes just lit up and he was smiling so big! You could tell he loved seeing another baby! We look forward to celebrating his first birthday next month! Dinner was delicious. Theresa made homemade lasagna, a huge salad, bread, and had blondies for dessert! Mary Ella even ate some of the lasagna. It was great. We also enjoyed spending time with some of the other neighbors we had not really met yet, so that was fun. I'll be glad when the pool opens up and we can all go hang out there with our kids this summer! I didn't get to do much swimming/laying by the pool last summer so that will be nice!
Today was our usual Sunday - worship, lunch, rest, Chad played flag football this afternoon... and then tonight we have been in our basement because there were apparently tornadoes a couple miles from our house! We are safe and sound, though.

I have been bad about taking pictures lately, but I did take this one Friday morning because our church needed one for the baby dedication! They needed it by Friday at noon and I had forgotten until that morning! So as soon as Mary Ella woke up I put her in her Easter dress and bonnet and sat her on the daybed. She was still a little sleepy but was such a good sport! I think this picture will do, don't you?

Monday, April 13, 2009


We celebrated Easter with our families this weekend, and we had such a wonderful time! The weather was perfect! My camera died Sunday morning BEFORE I even got Mary Ella dressed, but I managed to steal a few pictures from my mom and Ashley.

Mary Ella in her Easter dress and bonnet (Thank you to Carolyn Stephens for making the most beautiful Easter dress for my sweet baby! We love it.)

Aunt Betsy (my sister) and Mary Ella

My parents - aka Mimi and Poppa - with M.E.

Outside my parents' church

The "kids" (Ashley, Adam (my bro), Betsy, M.E., me and Chad)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

9 Month Stats

We went to see Dr. Anderson for our 9-month checkup today. Current stats... drumroll please...

Weight: 20 lbs, 13 oz (80th percentile)
Height: 29 inches (90th percentile)

I can't remember her head circumference but she was 95th percentile on that. I'm a bit shocked and saddened that we've left the 95th percentile range for weight. Boo hoo. Oh well, guess we'll go to Krispy Kreme tonight and that should put her right back on top.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

And the winner for Toy of the Week is....

Mr. Cardboard Box.

No boys allowed! (Except Daddy and Elmo, of course.)

Friday, April 3, 2009


Mommy sold us to the zoo!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy 9 Months, Mary Ella!

Mary Ella turned 9 months old today. She is 21 pounds even. I will find out her height next week at her checkup. She is a wiggly worm these days! Still not crawling, but we're working on it! She can rock back and forth on all fours and she can get across the room by rolling and army crawling. She has reached the point where she is no longer content just sitting in your lap - she has to be jumping, bouncing, squirming or twisting about. The days of cuddling are nearing their end, I'm afraid. She still loves reading books at bedtime, though, so I'm thankful for that time with her! We have started reading her baby Psalms book in the morning too, and she seems to like that as well. It gets both of our days off to a great start!
She loves playing peekaboo and singing songs. She loves patting on things, still, and seems to be more interested in the bigger toys now, more than the little rattles. She has also taken more interest in her baby dolls, especially at night when we put her in her bed. It's so sweet! She is talking more and more, saying, "bah-bah," (which is what we call her bottle), "Wah-wah," "Da-da," "buh-buh," and she also says "puh-puh," while making a blowing sound. She started doing this when I bought some bubbles at Target and she watched me blow them! Whenever we get out the bubbles she blows too! Another funny thing she does is when we get a paper towel to wipe her face after her meals, she wrinkles up her nose and starts sniffing in and out real fast, because she knows we're about to wipe her face clean! It is really hilarious. I need to get a video of that. She can patty-cake too, which is also new this month.
We introduced a LOT of solid foods over the last month! She has enjoyed waffles (Eggo Minis), pasta, cheese toast, frozen peas, graham crackers, biter biscuits, and little bites of chicken. She loves to eat anything that the grownups are eating. She especially loves sweet potatoes (real ones, not the baby food). Her Daddy let her try her first popsicle a couple weeks ago (sugar free of course.) She loved it! She kept wanting to hold it and couldn't understand why we wouldn't let her. She still loves her puffs, yogurt melts and oatmeal too.
She is still sleeping very well, usually 9pm - 9am. She gets 3 8-oz bottles every day, at 10am, 3pm and 8pm. She still takes 2 naps most days, sometimes only 1 if we are out and about. I love nap time! I just wish I could go to sleep too, instead of spending that time cleaning or doing laundry!
She has advanced to her BIG GIRL carseat, finally, and she loves it! She is still rear facing, and I am keeping her that way until she is at least 30 pounds, but she does love her new seat. She can see out the windows and she is a bit more upright, so I think she feels more like a big girl. I ended up buying the new Alpha Omega Elite seat that came out this past month. I love it.
Perhaps our biggest milestone this month is that we have advanced to the... you guessed it... the CLIP-IN HAIRBOW!!! HOORAY!!! NO MORE TOOTHPASTE ON HER HEAD! All of our friends will be so glad to kiss that little head and not smell peppermint - ha! I bought her a bunch of clippy bows at Target and I love changing them out with her outfits every day!!! Hooray for bows. Now if our hair would just keep growing out!
It really is true, what they say about these babies. They literally change overnight, and each day gets better and better! I am looking forward to summer time and the swimming pool! We will be there every day!

And here is an example of a typical photo shoot with a 9-month-old. The days of sitting still and posing pretty are long gone!

But give the girl something to do, and she's the picture of contentment...

well, sort of...

It's that time of year again...

(You know you're a mom when you get excited about this sort of thing.)
Here are some of our finds from Kids Market today... most are 12-18 month outfits (except the bathing suits) so they are still a little big!

Let's hope that crawling = calorie burning, because otherwise these swimsuits won't fit this summer!

The middle outfit here is HOLLYWOOD BABY! That's probably a $75 outfit that I got for $10!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wholly Guacamole

My friend Katie introduced me to this pre-packaged guacamole that they sell at WalMart in the produce section. The guacamole comes in a plastic pouch and you just squeeze it into a bowl and EAT IT! It is pretty good by itself, but it becomes SUPER DELICIOUS when you jazz it up with some fresh cilantro and half a can of the cilantro lime Rotel! Try it!
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