Thursday, August 28, 2008

A sweet surprise!

Chad had to work in Muscle Shoals yesterday and today so I decided to ride with him and surprise my family. Yesterday we left Birmingham around 7:30 am and arrived at Helen Keller Hospital around 10:30 or so. My aunt picked me up since Chad had to work and we met my sister at Claunch Cafe for lunch, then went to my mom's school to surprise her with her grandbaby. She wasn't in her room when we got there, and one of the other teachers told us she was in the lunchroom. So we sent that teacher to the lunchroom to get Mom, and we hid in her classroom. Mary Ella was snug in her carseat and we set her right in front of the door while we hid behind the bookshelves. The other teacher told my mom that there was a parent in her room that wanted to speak with her. When Mom opened her door she was floored! She just kept saying "This is not for real" over and over. It was so great!!! We went on to surprise my Grandaddy and my Dad too, and I think we made everyone's day! Then last night we went to CrossPoint and I finally got to hear the praise team sing, which was awesome. I love that "Arise" song - does anyone know who sings that? Anyway, it was fun, and I was glad to get out of the house. We came home today after lunch.
Mary Ella is smiling up a storm and it is soooo freaking cute! She is most alert in the mornings and after she eats. I love talking to her and making her laugh. She is just precious. She slept almost all day today because yesterday was so busy. Right now she is asleep in the rocker with her daddy. They watched football all night and he talked to her about the Alabama/Auburn rivalry - so sweet. Roll Tide, by the way! I can't believe it's football season! Crazy.
Anyway, my birth announcements came in today and I am so pumped! They are too cute. I'm hoping to get them sent out tomorrow. Then I think me and Mary Ella are going to the mall to walk. I need some exercise, and it's just plain too hot outside. Plus the heat makes her baby acne so much worse. Plus it's Labor Day weekend and things are on sale :)
I'll post more pictures later!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Amy Browning!!!


Monday, August 25, 2008

lazy day

We had a great weekend! Friday night we ate with Wes & Jackie at Margarita Grill and enjoyed the live music, queso dip and a pitcher of margaritas! Then Saturday we left for a day trip to Montgomery to visit Katie and Ben at their new house. We all rode together - me, Chad, Mary Ella, Leslie, Leslie's boyfriend Chad, and Ashley. We all met at Zoe's in Montgomery for lunch, then spent the rainy afternoon at the Lassiter's house (that's weird to say!) enjoying each other's company, looking at wedding pictures, watching Wipeout reruns, and eating Rotel and a Zoe's sheet cake. All in all it was a wonderful, relaxing day. Mary Ella was pretty good, she napped on and off and didn't really get fussy until time to leave. It was past her bedtime, though. It was so great and refreshing to see the girls and catch up with Katie and married life. I look forward to getting together with everyone again... which will happen to be next weekend at Lauren's bachelorette party! Yes!

Well anyway, it's raining and I've opened the kitchen windows and screen door. I have my grandmother's tomato basil soup cooking on the stove, and it already smells delicious. Can't wait for Chad to get home. It's a perfect day for soup.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

2 Month Checkup

Today we went for Mary Ella's 2-month checkup! Bless her heart, she had to get 4 vaccines in her little thighs and she screamed the whole time! Afterwards she calmed down pretty quickly so I was glad about that. She weighed 12 lbs 6 oz and was 23.5 inches long. This puts her in the 90th percentile, of course. Haha. She's a big girl, Dr. Anderson says. But I've been hearing that since Day 1, so I'm used to it... and very thankful. She is eating well and he says to keep doing everything we're doing, so that's good. I'm just glad she is healthy and thriving! We came home and she ate then went straight to her bed for a nap, and has been napping ever since. I hope she's not too fussy tonight and tomorrow. I know her little legs will be sore.
Well, I just wanted to post about her visit, mainly for me so I can remember everything when she's all grown up :(

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pictures, as promised....

So I am way behind on pictures, I know. Today Mary Ella and I had a mini photo shoot at home. I found a khaki-colored bed sheet, threw it over the daybed in our guest room and stripped that little girl of everything but bloomers and a bow. She was in a particularly good mood since she had just drained me (literally) and I was able to get some great shots! Oh, and this did have a purpose (I wasn't just bored). I was trying to get a good shot for her birth announcements! Here are just a few...

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Mary Ella woke up Friday night with a stuffy, snotty nose. Gross. Bless her heart, she was snorting when she was crying! Ironically, she had on her pig pajamas. Saturday morning it was worse. I checked her rectal and axillary temp and she wasn't running a fever, but I called the pediatrician anyway to see what they suggested. I was surprised to find out that they have taken EVERYTHING off the market for infants. In fact, the FDA doesn't recommend ANY over-the-counter medications for babies under the age of 3. You can still buy all of it, but the directions on the label just say "Ask your doctor" instead of giving you a recommended dose. The nurse even said they have to PRESCRIBE Tylenol now. Crazy. I remember giving Tylenol and Motrin to TINY babies when I worked at Children's. I guess those are special situations though. So anyway, that option was out. The nurse suggested a cool mist humidifier, saline drops followed by bulb syringe suctioning every 3-4 hours, and sleeping in her bouncy seat or swing so she'd stay more upright. Well, maybe it was her being sick, I don't know, but I put her down at 10:00 pm after she ate and she slept until 4:00 am. I seriously woke up in a panic thinking she'd fallen out of her seat or something! It was the best sleep I've had in a while. We may try this bouncy seat thing for a while! Ha! (You'll do ANYTHING to get sleep when you're this deprived of it, trust me.) I actually know a girl in Texas whose baby slept in their bouncy seat IN THEIR CRIB for almost 8 months! Pretty hilarious. Anyway, Mary Ella woke up feeling TONS better, has been a lot less fussy and we haven't had to use the drops at all today! Praise God for that. Let's pray for more good sleep tonight.

I know, I need to post more pictures. In due time, my friends.

Ohhhh the joys of motherhood...

I'm pretty sure I could donate my leg hair to Locks of Love.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Doctor's Visit

I went to my 6-week follow-up appointment this morning and saw Dr. Hudson for my very last visit, at least for this pregnancy! I won't go back until November for my regular yearly exam. It was a little sad, I have to admit. He and his nurse Cori both agreed, and they made me promise I would bring Mary Ella in November so they could see her again. She was great during my visit. She just sat in her stroller all wide-eyed and awake! They thought she was a cute little chunk.
I was surprised to get on the scales and see that I have returned to my pre-pregnancy weight already! Which is very strange because my body just does not look the same at ALL. I would love to lose another 20 pounds before Lauren's wedding. We'll see how it goes. Yesterday I did my FitMama DVD workout while Mary Ella was laying on the ottoman and she watched me the entire time, it was so cute! I think Lucy thought I was insane. She didn't know what in the world I was doing, jumping around and cha-cha-ing to the music.
Oh, I got Dr. Hudson to give me some Yaz. Has anyone ever been on this medicine? I had the Nuva Ring before and although it was definitely convenient, I always felt really bloated and gross. He says Yaz has a slight diuretic in it to make that feeling go away, so we'll see. The commercials are cute and catchy, and they say it's good for your skin too, so I'll give it a go.
Well, that's about it. Chad just got home so I'm gonna see what he wants for dinner!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Well, we spent the weekend up at the Compound with the family. Friday night my parents hosted a drive-in movie for their friends from church and all their families. Yes, I said drive-in movie. One projector, 2 gigantic speakers, some lawn chairs and an old fashioned popcorn machine make for a fantastic family outing at the Compound. They project the movie onto the side of our house and everyone sits in chairs or blankets or in the back of their pickup trucks. It really is fun, as redneck as it sounds. I wish we could've done it when I was little - what a birthday party that would've been!
Mary Ella stayed with my grandparents across the pasture. I'm pretty sure it made their year, having her there. They just eat her up.
Saturday I spent all day at my aunt Kristi's pool (also just across the pasture.) I just relaxed and swam with the kids. Mary Ella came for a little while and napped in the shade. It was the perfect day - only 84 degrees! Ha!
Sunday we surprised my grandparents by showing up at their church. My grandmother loved showing off Mary Ella to her friends. They took turns holding her during church and she didn't make a peep! Slept the entire time. We ate at grandmother's afterwards and then came home. I've been doing laundry since we got back.
Mary Ella is still doing very well. She will sleep for about 5 hours at a time at night. We usually put her down around 10pm and she sleeps til 3 or 3:30, then wakes up to eat, and goes back to sleep until 7am or so. She's been such a great baby during the day. We read and listen to Baby Einstein music and she loves her play mat, although I still don't think she's completely focusing yet. That will come in time. I go to the doctor tomorrow for my 6 week followup appointment. Crazy! I can't believe it's been that long.
I have begun trying to lose my baby weight. I only gained 25 lbs but I still feel like I have all 25 on me! I have waited until I've gotten into somewhat of a routine and can actually do the exercise. The c-section soreness didn't completely subside until about 3 weeks post-op, and I still have numbness. But I need to lose my baby weight before Lauren's wedding which is October 4th. I will keep you updated on the progress. I am walking and also doing the FitMama DVD workout, which includes yoga, pilates, and a cardio dance routine. It also has a workout I can do with Mary Ella, but I am going to wait until she has better head control. Anyway, she just woke up, so I gotta go! I'll keep everyone posted.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shout Out

Just wanted to say a quick CONGRATULATIONS to one of my very best friends, Ashley Johnson. She and her FIVE YEAR boyfriend are finally engaged!!! Last night we went to P.F. Chang's to celebrate the occasion and admire the rock... which is BEAUTIFUL, by the way. Good job, Brian. They are too cute together.

Ashley, you definitely have the GLOW. We could see you coming from a mile away last night. And I'm not talking about your ring. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

just a recap of last week

I'm a little behind on posting. The past week was pretty eventful. On Thursday, Amanda and Chad (my aunt and uncle) came down with their 3 kids Annsley, Ann Marie and Charlie. Charlie had 2 doctor's appointments here in Birmingham so they came and spent the night with us. I think the kids had tons of fun, especially the girls. They loved spending time with Mary Ella. We took her on a walk down the street and they were able to stay with me while Amanda and Chad took Charlie to the doctor on Friday. They are a huge help! I can't wait until they get to babysit for real! That'll be nice.
I ended up sleeping until 10:30 Saturday morning which was so nice. Then Mary Ella and I went to Homewood and ate lunch with Jenny at Zoe's. I intended on taking advantage of the no-tax weekend but it was 100 degrees and I just wasn't in the mood to shop! Plus getting the carseat in and out was exhausting enough. So we just went home. Then Saturday night we went to our second shrimp boil of the summer at Wes and Jackie's, to celebrate Wes' 30th birthday! There were tons of people there and everyone got to see Mary Ella (in her smocked pink pantaloom outfit, yes sir) and thought she was precious. We had a great time and I was glad we got to get out for a while.
Sunday morning we went to Chad's parents church, North Shelby Baptist. We surprised them! They were proud to get to show off their new grandbaby to all their church friends. Then we came home and relaxed.
Yesterday I woke up with a horrible fever virus. I don't know what was wrong; I was achy all over and was running fever, but had no other symptoms. Chad came home around 3pm and let me get a hot bath and rest while he took care of the baby, but I really didn't start feeling better until I woke up this morning. It was horrible. I think I may have gotten a little dehydrated, so I'm drinking tons of fluids today and trying to rest. Mary Ella has been good today; she's actually asleep in her crib right now which is a miracle. Lately she has not let me put her down for longer than 5 minutes. I certainly don't mind holding her but it'd be nice to get to at least brush my teeth in the morning! Agh! I wish my mom lived with me! I don't know how people with multiples do it. You almost need 2 adults just for ONE baby, seriously. I don't think we are going to make it to small group tonight, considering my virus yesterday and everything. We did take Mary Ella to small group last week and everyone was so excited to see her! But tonight we probably need to rest. We are planning on going to Florence this weekend so we need as much rest as we can get!

I can't believe all you teachers have started school again... the summers seem to get shorter and shorter. My heart goes out to you!
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