Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nursery & crib bedding

I love these pictures! Mom has been here since Monday and she helped me fix up the nursery!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Bachelor

Ok, last night I laughed my head off during The Bachelor. I love this show, sadly enough. And people will hate me for saying this, but I really like Shayne. I know she is probably the most superficial, high maintenance bachelorette that we've ever seen, but I like her. She's HERSELF all the time; she's never tried to be someone she's not. She admitted to being "high maintenance" and I don't know many girls who would admit that. She has like 500 pairs of shoes and she is obsessed with being tan all the time and she carries lipstick, blush and a mirror in her pocket at all times. I think she's hilarious, and I think Matt really likes her. Plus, she's never mean. And just by stereotyping, you'd think that someone as high maintenence as she is would be the meanest girl in the house, always bad-mouthing people and being vindictive and all that; but she's really not; she avoids drama and like I said, she's just herself 100% of the time. So there's my vote. Go Shayne. Put that lip gloss on and flaunt it, girl.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Things I want to eat right now:

1. Krispy Kreme Donuts. Hot Now.
2. Fries from Milo's.
3. Smores Poptarts.
4. Authentic New York pizza.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Long day

I worked all day today. I'm really tired. And the only thing keeping me going is the fact that I know that by Friday at lunchtime I'll be shopping in NYC. H&M, here I come. Yeah right - no maternity clothes there, last time I checked. Well, maybe I will go ahead and buy some stuff I can wear after the baby is born. Assuming I get back in shape before the warm weather goes away, which is highly unlikely, knowing me. Maybe I'll just stick with street shopping. I could get a purse and some sunglasses. My aunt Kristi has already given me $20 to buy her a pair of fake-Chanel sunglasses. Maybe I will go to China town. I got really good deals there last time I went. And there is a good flea market on 42nd street that might have some stuff too, if it's still there.

Sorry this post is boring, I am just thinking about the weekend. And it's only Monday. AGGGGGH.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Weekend at Home

I spent the weekend in Florence with the family. Friday night my parents and I joined Frank and Summer (my parents' pastor and his wife) for dinner at Rosie's. Then mom and I stopped by TJ Maxx on the way home and I found a bedspread for the upstairs guest room. Saturday I actually slept pretty late - til about 9:45, which is SUPER late for me. Then Mom and I just shopped around all day. I had to get new scrub pants - AGAIN - because this belly won't stop growing for some reason. :) Hopefully this will be the last time I have to buy them. And hopefully they won't draw up in the dryer. Haha. We met Amanda, Kristi and Grandmother for lunch at Sweet Basil then we went to Old Navy, Belk, and The Stork's Nest, where I found absolutely nothing. Well, I take that back. I did get a couple of pink baby blankets at Belk that were on sale. They are the really really soft ones, kind of like the minky-dot fabric, with silky edges. Babies love them. And they were 50% off so they were $6 each. Great deal. I even had Mom applique my favorite baby name of the moment onto one of the blankets. It looks SO CUTE. We went to church this morning, had lunch at grandmother's with the family, then I drove back this afternoon. Lucy is exhausted; she has been asleep since we got back. I am trying to get dishes and laundry done so I can start my week off being organized - ha. Only 4 work days then I get to see my Chad! I am so excited about NYC. Chad got us tickets to Mary Poppins on Broadway! I can't wait.

I just watched "The Secret Life of Pizza" on Food Network and I am craving pizza now. I gotta stop watching TV.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Our Crib

This is a picture of our crib, except the color will be white. I can't wait for everyone to see her bedding. It is SO PRECIOUS. If anyone is having a baby I highly recommend Javis Davis. They have the CUTEST fabric EVER and they custom design your bedding. And get this - it ends up being way cheaper than anything you can get online! I am going to wait until I get it to post pictures, because it is seriously the cutest stuff ever.


Puppy Kindergarten

So since Chad is out of town and Wednesdays are usually my busiest and longest days, I decided I'd take Lucy to our vet's office for Lucky Paws Puppy Kindergarten. I figured it'd be good for her to get some interaction with other pups and get to run around instead of being cooped up in her crate all day. Plus it was time for her kennel cough vaccine and I needed more heartworm medicine, so I figured I could get that done as well. I was actually worried that I'd be the one to get the call... "Excuse me Mrs. Morgan, but you are going to have to come and get your dog. She's bossing all the other puppies around." It seriously wouldn't have surprised me. But of course Lucy did fine. When I picked her up this afternoon she was drooling and her skin was hot. Molly, the dog trainer girl, said "Man, this dog just never stops. She has been going all day long." I told her it didn't surprise me. Lucy is full of energy. Then Molly gave me Lucy's report card, which I thought was SO CUTE! It was in a little envelope and I opened it in the car. It read:

Name: Lucy Morgan

Lucy's Best Friends Today: Henry, Zoe, Samson, Lucky, and Fitz

Lucy's Favorite Game: chase the other dogs, wrestling (these "games" were actually written in by Molly in the "OTHER" blank because the only games actually listed were normal dog games like KongBall, Fetch, Pounce, etc)

Doggy Jail: No

Comments: Lucy was a little scared at first, but quickly made friends and then didn't stop playing all day long. We were so glad she came to play!

Grade: A

Hahahaha! I thought that was hilarious. I think I'll take her back next week because as soon as we got home she was zapped. It'll be a pretty relaxing evening for me. Yessssss.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us

Yesterday marked our one-year anniversary. Unfortunately Chad had to leave Sunday morning for Connecticut so he wasn't here to celebrate. But we ate a slice of our wedding cake Saturday night and had a packing party, so it was fun getting to hang out for what seemed like only a few minutes before he left. He'll be in Connecticut for almost an entire month while he trains for his new job. He seems to be enjoying it so far. There are 6 or 7 other guys there with him so hopefully by the end of April he'll have a couple of new buddies and won't be so lonely. The best part is that I get to fly up to see him next weekend (April 11-14th). He is only 30 minutes outside of NYC, so we are going to spend the weekend in NYC celebrating our anniversary and his 31st birthday. I am SO excited! I love New York. We are planning to see at least one broadway show and then maybe go to a Mets game. It'll be hard to see everything we want to see and do everything we want to do, but I think we'll be most excited just getting to hang out with each other since we've never been apart this long! I am so glad that I am getting to go up there!

I have been craving Ricatoni's chicken alfredo this week. Go figure. The most fattening dish ever.
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