Friday, September 26, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

First football game

We took Mary Ella to her first football game last night. We watched Briarwood vs. Moody and although it ended up being a blowout (35-0 Briarwood) we still had a good time. Mom made Mary Ella a Briarwood lion outfit to wear and everyone had a fit over her! She looked so precious. I can't wait to look back at these photos when she starts kindergarten there in a few years!

Right before the game, waking up from her nap

With Mom and Dad

With Aunt Jackie and Uncle Wes

Some of the Moody cheerleaders that we know - Mary Beth and Jody - who let us make some memories! Thanks girls!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Strawberry Shortcake was huge when I was a baby. So needless to say, I had the dolls, the dollhouse, the Halloween costume, and everything in between. These shoes were my first pair of tennis shoes. I never walked in them, of course - they are teeny tiny - but you better believe I wore them everywhere! They are almost too small for Mary Ella but I had to get some pictures of them. Check out those chunky thighs!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I cannot stop laughing.

To experience the laughter, go to

Gorilla at the Zoo


We went to the ZOO!!!

This week I have been determined to get out of the house with my little girl. On Tuesday we packed up everything and headed to the park. As I pulled up to the playground area, I heard thunder, and then, well, the bottom fell out of the sky! Ugh! I had checked the weather and it wasn't supposed to rain until late afternoon, but oh well. So we went to WalMart and I ended up getting some canvases to paint, which I haven't painted yet.
Yesterday the forecast was even better. We were expected to get rain, but not until around 6pm or so, so I decided we'd go to the Zoo. Chad was working at Trinity and he was going to meet us there after lunch. Well, he ended up not being able to go because of a case he was working, so it was just me and Mary Ella. I had never been before so it was pretty fun and interesting. When we got to the very back of the zoo, where the monkey exhibit is, it started POURING rain. POURING. We were pretty much the only ones in the whole place, too, so that made it worse because no one could help us. I ran as fast as I could to the gorilla exhibit, which is indoors, and we stayed there for 45 minutes. Trapped in the zoo. The gorilla just stared at us the entire time. I called Chad and told him he needed to bring us an umbrella, and of course he was like, "Okayyy, you want me to pay $12.00 to get into the zoo, JUST to bring you an umbrella?" And I was like, "UMMM YES!" Of course that didn't happen. So finally I just covered Mary Ella's legs with a blanket and pulled her stroller canopy up as far as it would go, and we took off running. Thank goodness my stroller can handle the bumps and cracks in the sidewalks, because it took a beating! When we got to the front I was exhausted, soaking wet, Mary Ella's face was covered in raindrops and she was licking her lips and smiling... it was hilarious. Definitely a day to remember. I bought her a baby monkey that had its own pacifier, so she got a prize for having to get wet and cold.

Spit Up

Monday, September 8, 2008

My first Netflix movie review and other happenings

We had a good week last week and a great weekend, too. Friday night was Movie Night at our house. I decided to sign up for Netflix because I thought it'd give me something to do while Mary Ella naps during the day. It's really a great deal because you get as many movies as you want each month, no late fees, keep them as long as you want, then return them and you get the next 2 on your list. You can even get TV shows. I've added the first season of LOST to our list because everyone says that's a great show. Anyway, we have it set up so that I get a movie of my choice and Chad gets his. So last week I watched "Definitely, Maybe" which was pretty cute, and "In the Land of Women" which I thought was incredibly slow and pointless. It was just weird and dramatic and just sad the whole way through. Anyway, so there's my movie review for the week.

In other news... on Saturday Chad went to the Bama game and I stayed with the baby and then that night I went to Lauren's lingerie shower. I can't believe the wedding is a month away. I'm just glad my dress fits (although I think I will have to duct tape the boobs, oh well, what do you expect?) The shower was fun and it was great seeing all the girls. Lauren's sister planned the whole shower and around 9pm a LIMOUSINE pulled up to her house! Lauren's sister had paid for a limo to take us all around town until midnight! I didn't get to go because I had to go pick up the baby, but I'm sure they had a blast! I thought that was really sweet of her sister.
Today my grandparents came by because they had been in Tuscaloosa all day getting their football tickets reprinted. Yes, reprinted. Apparently, my grandaddy Bubba pulled all the stubs off of their season tickets when they came in the mail. Just yanked off the stubs right there in his house like he was the ticket collector. My grandmother said she was like "What are you doing?!!??!" HA! Is that not hilarious? Luckily they have been in Tide Pride for about 20+ years and the ticket office agreed to reprint their tickets for them. So anyway, they came over today on their way back to Florence. I put Mary Ella in her Alabama cheerleader outfit and her houndstooth bow so they could get some pictures of her...haha. She smiled and laughed for them, so I'm sure that made their day.
We've had a pretty lazy day. There is a white labrador on my front porch that apparently thinks he lives here. He has been there all day, just sitting and staring into my front door like "Hello? When are you gonna let me in?" Lucy doesn't know what's going on. Anyway, I gotta run, my baby is waking up!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm 2 Months Old!

Mary Ella is 2 months old today. She's such a sweet baby and I've truly enjoyed every second with her. I want to post every month on her "birthday" so that everyone can see how much she's growing and so I can remember her little milestones in the years to come. Soooo....

Mary Ella weighs around 12 1/2 pounds and is about 23 1/2 inches long! She is in the 90th percentile for her age. She still has her blue eyes and her dark brown hair. She hasn't lost a bit of hair since she was born! She's starting to get a few curls in the back, too. Her nicknames include EllaBug, MeMe, and Ella May (which is what my grandfather Bubba calls her because he can't ever remember her real name). At exactly 7 weeks old, she started smiling on purpose. This was huge, because we could tell for the first time that she was trying to interact and that she was responding to us. It is so sweet to see her smile and coo. She is most alert and awake in the mornings. She sleeps in her bassinet in our room until early morning, then she gets in our bed (I'm terrible, I know, but I love it), and she usually naps in either her bouncy seat or swing. She LOVES ceiling fans and I think she'd probably stare at them all day long. She also loves the Baby Einstein lullaby music, which I play from my iTunes while she's napping. Other favorites are her crib aquarium, her picture books, and her lamb "taggy" blanket, which she holds while she sleeps. She prefers being held rather than laying on a play mat. She takes a bottle and a pacifier, and loves both. She is still breastfeeding about every 3-4 hours during the day, and usually once during the night. She seems to really like her room, too. I'm not sure whether it's the bright pink walls or what, but every time we go in there to change her diaper or read, she is just wide-eyed and happy. She has not been to our church yet but hopefully we can take her this month. We thank God every day that she is healthy and thriving. God is so, so good.

Here is her 1-month photo in her little chair. I'm going to take a picture every month in her chair so I can see how much she is really growing!

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