Sunday, February 10, 2008

Big news!

Well, I wanted to wait until everything was official before I made a post. But now I can pretty much share with everyone... we sold our house! And we bought a house! And we are moving next weekend!

We had a lady come look at the house 2 weeks ago on Tuesday. By Friday we had a final offer and we accepted. Part of the agreement was that we had to be out of our house in 2 weeks, because she was moving here from Pheonix, Arizona. So of course we said yes! Then we went to Florence for the weekend, because we knew everything would be nonstop for the next couple of weeks. On the following Monday afternoon we decided to drive out to Ballantrae to look at some new houses. We looked at several in one particular section, and a few we had seen previously, but none of them really wowed us. Then we went into one of the model homes, a split-level model right down the street from some of our good friends Les and Jamie. WE LOVED IT. Right from the start. Everything about it. And it is NOT very often that I like EVERYTHING about a particular house. So by Wednesday, we'd made an offer, the builder had accepted, and we were meeting with our mortgage guy. WE GOT THE HOUSE! AND it's beautiful! I love it. I'm just so glad to finally have space to entertain our friends and our family without feeling so cramped. And of course the neighborhood is awesome. Chad will get to play golf and there is a playground and pool for me and the baby. We're really happy and just so thankful that the Lord has provided all these blessings! Our cups are truly overflowing!

I will try to post pictures of the new house soon. They are on my FaceBook already if you have access to it. We close on BOTH houses this next Friday the 15th. So we'll be moving in over next weekend. If anyone can and wants to come help you are MORE THAN WELCOME! Please let us know! A big thanks to my mom, Chad's mom and Betty for helping me pack almost my ENTIRE house this last Saturday. I LOVE YOU!
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